BF1942 - Omaha Beach Historic v1.4 Map

Omaha Beach June 6th, 1944...

BF1942 - Omaha Beach Historic v1.4 Map

Omaha Beach June 6th, 1944. Designed using the Actual Invasion maps, Photos then and now and Stories from the people who lived Operation Overlord!

Omaha Beach Historic - For the 60th Anniversary of the Normandy Landings. Modes:SP,Co-op,TDM,Conquest,CTF. Huge Map, awesome AI! Mapped to be historicly acurate from Photos, Stories and the actual invation maps. TDM is Gold Beach. Other modes cover, Omaha,Point du Hoc,Ste. Laurent sur Mer, Moulins, Vierville, Coleville, Loungues sur Mer and more! SFX, Soundtrack also!

Omaha Beach Historic version 1.4

a Map/Mod for Battlefield 1942

Size 70mb - 130MB unziped and installed (self installer)

60th Anniversary of the Normandy Landings - Operation Overlord


Modes Supported:

Single Player





Areas Covered


Point Du Hoc

Omaha Beach

Gold Beach

Loungues sur Mer

Moulins sur Mer

Vierville sur Mer

Ste. Laurent sur Mer



German Panzer Reserves and Supplys

American constructed link Airfield

German Luftwaffe Airfield


Instructions - simply run the installer.


Known Issues:


Machinegun sound around beach flag may only be heard on first shot, this is in a limited area and will be removed in version 1.5.

bf1942 will sometimes stick on a sound.

bf1942 may have clipping errors in the graphics system that result in a flag appearing around the body.

Best Use


This Map is meant to be involved and realistic.

If your framerate suffers, try turning down graphics or sound to 11khz

Music should have no effect on framerate as it is offloaded to the CPU on the soundcard at startup.



Turn Hardware acceleration ON in the bf1942 menu system, it is under Options on the second page of sound setup. If this is not on CPU cycles will be taken up by the sound and that is a bad thing.

try experimenting with the bot Sliders for Single Player and Co-op, these should give you the realism you are looking for. I personally play at 300-400% bots at 25%cpu for the AI. This fills the Map well and gives you a lot of action. Less is fine but doesn't give the same sense of a huge battle.

AI is VERY advanced. It should come at you from all sides in multiple ways. Usually it ends up attacking you from all sides. It is very accurate.

Tanks armor and muzzle velocity has been Increased to realistic amounts.

Some ships also have been corrected for aim.

Some friendly fire should be expected from ships, if running a server set the friendly fire at 10% should prove to be a good value.

Lastly ENJOY!

-=Snafu=- Legion of the Dragon

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