released intended for use with the Squishie mod

  • Category First Person
  • Size 437.7 KB
  • Program by Brian K. Smith


released intended for use with the Squishie mod


Author: A Bouquet of Flowers (Brian K. Smith)

Players: 4-8

Suggested settings: MCA tractor beam, doublejump, and ramming damage off. (Turning doublejump off doesn't work for me, but that was what I designed the level for.) The level should be ok with squishie tractor beam off or on.

Info: This is, as far as I know, the first map released intended for use with the Squishie mod. Please don't complain to me about the advantage squishies have by being able to shoot through the walls. That's SSpeare's problem and he's aware of it.

Story: The prisoners at the orbital prison factory (insert some name here) have revolted and killed all the human guards. Can the MCA squad sent in to contain the riot succeed? Only you can provide the answer! (Ok, so it's a crappy story, but the level has cool blue moving forcefields!)

Comments: This is sort of a beta release of this level, so I would appreciate comments from those who have actually used it to play some squishie games. Send comments to [email protected]

Legalese: This level can be freely distributed as long as this readme file accompanies it.

p.s. Don't piss on the electric fence.

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