Unreal Tournament 3 - Angels Fall First: Planetstorm

Planetstorm is an objective based assault-style game played...

Unreal Tournament 3 - Angels Fall First: Planetstorm

Planetstorm is an objective based assault-style game played in two theaters, in space, and on the ground. in space you must engage fleets of massive warships, controlling vehicles in first person from ship interiors or launching fighters to engage in spectacular dogfights.

Make Something Unreal Submission:

- MSU Phase 4:Best FPS Game Mod

- MSU Phase 4:Best Non-FPS Game Mod

- MSU Phase 4:Best Level for Game Mod

- MSU Phase 4:Best New Vhiecle Set

- MSU Phase 4:Best Graphics in Map

- MSU Phase 4:Best Use of Physics


If you played our alpha release, you may well have noticed that it was barely working. This release is much more polished, and we fully support online play now. For offline practice or for cowards, the PS beta release has even better bot support, notably in space combat.

This said, we are still some way off from where we want to be - last release, we simply aimed to get something out there, but this phase has been all about getting our core functionality working smoothly and turning our *tech demo* into a playable game. You will notice that there are no new maps. We apologise for this tremendous slacking, but we thought that you'd prefer to be able to play the existing ones rather than gaze frustratedly at more beautiful but nonfunctional environments.

Next release, Phase 4 of the MSUC in August, will be all about expansion of content.

__________________________________________________ _______________


* Ensure UT3 is patched to version 2.1

* Run the AFF:Planetstorm Installer EXE

* You will be asked to locate your install of UT3. The installer also supports Steam installations of UT3, so if you have your UT3 on Steam, select this option - default locations are provided.

* You will then be asked where you would like to install the AFF:Planetstorm Mod, default is C:/Program Files/AFF. select a location and hit Next. DO NOT install the mod in UT3's install directory. On Vista it is recommended to NOT install Planetstorm in the suggested Program Files location unless user is Administrator and has UAC disabled.

* The installer will now install AFF:Planetstorm


Use the "Planetstorm Normal" shortcut in your newly installed AFFgame directory to launch the mod. Once UT3 has booted you should see the Planetstorm menu. To play an AFF map, start a server or instant action game as normal, and choose PlanetStorm from the gametype list. Set up your match as normal and start the match.

__________________________________________________ _______________


* Install and run the mod as described above,

* Host a game, join a game or open an instant action game,

* Choose PlanetStorm from the gametype menu if not joining a game,

* Choose a map if not joining a game,

* When the map loads you will see the pre-game screen,

* Choose a faction,

* Choose a role,

* Choose any loadout items you desire,

* For a ground based map, choose or create a squad (double click on a squad tab)

* For a space based map, choose a ship (double click on a ship tab)

* Hit the DEPLOY button

* For a ground based map, double click a spawn point on the map which appears when the Deploy button is hit. orange circles with crosses mark available spawns , and your selected spawn icon should expand slightly when activated

* Space based maps do not require you to choose a spawn location

* When the Spawn wave timer reaches zero, Hit fire to spawn.

* To return to the menu, use the M key

__________________________________________________ _______________


The first person character controls and many vehicle controls remain the same as UT3 (refer to your UT3 manual for information on how to move and shoot :P )


Just like UT3, here you have the option to play online, play offline, adjust the game's settings and exit to desktop.


Choose the gametype *planetstorm* - PS has only one gametype - and choose any of the available planetstorm maps from the map list. Select the number and skill of the bots, and hit Start Game.

IMPORTANT WARNING - Planetstorm maps are large, and not yet as optimised as they will eventually be. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND playing planetstorm maps offline BEFORE attempting to join a server or host a game - this is in order to rebuild UT3's shader cache which unfortunately may take some time. So long in fact, that you may find that when trying to join a server on first run of a PS map, your join attempt will time out before it has created the shader cache.


Here you choose your faction, your character role, your weapon and item loadout and your squad or ship.

* TEAM - choose either United League of Planets (wings) or the Antarean Star Empire (sword). The SPECTATE option is not available until you have joined the game as one of the teams.

* ROLE - choose from the available types of exo armor here. You have a choice of light, medium, or heavy armour which affects your maximum mobility - a heavy suit will be less encumbered when carrying heavy weaponry and kit items.

* LOADOUT - here you choose your starting weapons and items. you have 5 slots available to inventory - one Primary Weapon, one Secondary Weapon, and 3 Kit slots.

Some kit items confer modifiers on your suit, like Suit Boost, others allow you to heal or repair or resupply. Note that each item has a cost in weight and energy - you cannot carry more than you can hold, nor use items which drain more power than your suit can output.

* SQUAD - this tab is only present in ground-based maps. leading a squad gives you command over any AI in that squad, and also means your squad members have an additional HUD identification reticle ingame.

* SHIP - this tab appears only in space-based games. Choose which ship to start onboard from the available surviving ships in your fleet.


When you have set up your character as desired, hit the DEPLOY button to join the battle. If you have selected a spacecraft in a space-based map, you will spawn in the crew quarters on that vessel.

If the map is ground based, you will be presented with a tactical map, where you should select a spawning location. These are marked with orange crossed circle icons. Double click on a spawn location and it will become larger to show that it is now your currently active spawn location.

Upon hitting the Deploy button, the screen will clear and the spawn wave timer will appear. Hit Fire to spawn when the counter reaches zero.

NOTE - some spawn locations are dropship landing zones, and you will be spawned on board the dropship and flown to the spawn location.


Planetstorm is an objective-based game, and objectives will show up as icons on your hud, such as DESTROY or DEFEND or CAPTURE. capture objectives require you to maintain position at an objective for a certain amount of time (shown as a progress bar on your hud) without allowing enemy players into the area. Destroy objectives must be... destroyed

__________________________________________________ _______________


One of the joys of planetstorm is commanding huge lineships and capital ships. Each ship has an interior environment, and to operate the spacecraft you must use various consoles found throughout the ship.

* HELM consoles are found on the ship's bridge, and allow you to pilot the ship. Flight controls are in 6 directions (jump and crouch are up and down, left and right are strafe), although since these are 500m + vehicles, they are just a bit sluggish - dont fly into the scenery! You can also roll your ship by using the LeanLeft and LeanRight keys (default = q and e)

* TURRET consoles allow you to operate the ships' various weapon systems (although the helm console gives access to any forward-facing weaponry such as the spinal ion cannon)

* BAY consoles found on ship hangar decks allow you to launch a fighter from the ship bay. Fighters operate in a similar fashion to large ships but have only one player seat and are much more maneuverable. Also available on some larger capital ships are Assault class vessels, which are larger and tougher than fighters but a fair bit slower.

* SYSTEM consoles are found throughout the ship and display the status of various ship systems, including Shield Generators, Sensors, Propulsion Systems, Grav Systems and each of the ship's weapon systems. If these systems are damaged in battle, repairs must be made using the MultiWrench molecular shunt (available as a kit item). These systems may also be sabotaged by enemy boarding parties, also by using the MultiWrench, or any other weaponry at hand.

* GRAVITIC INDUCTION SYSTEMS - all ships in the Angels Fall First Universe use gravitic control surfaces to manoeuver in space. These surfaces are able to *bite* against gravity like a boat's rudder in water, allowing massive starships to change direction reasonably quickly, and allowing fighter sized craft to zip around like a swallow in flight. by using the Sprint key (default = shift) you can cut in your grav systems, and the manoeuvering characteristics of your vessel will be greatly improved. This comes at a price however. grav systems use power from the engines and shields, and cannot operate if there is no energy left in the shield capacitors, nor if your engines or the system itself is broken.

NOTE - Grav systems are not a Boost button. They do not change the maximum acceleration of your ship. In fact, because of the added friction they actually slow you down somewhat. a little practice is required to get the most out of this system, but it is extremely flexible, allowing you to manoeuver spacecraft with exquisite precision and aggression.

* DOCKING WITH A FRIENDLY SHIP - when in a fighter class craft, you can dock with your parent ship (or any other ship with a hangar, including an enemy's) by flying close to the orange *ghost* icon of your ship floating above the docking bay. When you get close enough, a Use dialog will be displayed asking if you wish to dock at this ship. Hit the use key and your fighter will autopilot into the ship bay. Engaging the grav system while the autopilot is active greatly assists the process.

* BOARDING AN ENEMY SHIP - this action is only available when piloting an Assault class dropship, and is only able to be performed on enemy ships which display an orange *ghost* icon of your dropship. Identical procedure to docking with a friendly ship, fly close to the icon and hit the USE button. Your dropship will autopilot onto the appropriate spot on the enemy vessel's hull and use its breach lock to drill through the hull.

When you have successfully breached the enemy vessel's hull, leave the dropship helm console - the airlock at the rear of your dropship will be activated, and entering it will begin the airlock cycle. When the cycle is finished, the outer doors will open and you may proceed inside the enemy ship in order to kill the crew or sabotage the systems. While the autopilot is attempting to clamp onto the enemy ship, you have the option to Abort Boarding by hitting the Use key.

NOTE - it is quite possible for the enemy crew to enter your dropship if you leave the breach point unguarded, so have a care.

__________________________________________________ _______________


Here are a few features specific to infantry gameplay

* HEARTRATE - carrying more and larger weapons is an effort, even in a powered suit. the heartrate monitor at the top right of the screen displays your current heartrate. When it is too high, you will not be able to jump or sprint, so take a rest occasionally.

* REVIVING FALLEN COMRADES - caught a GAR round in the shoulder? Bleeding out on some far flung battlefield? Not to worry. Few wounds are fatal immediately, and there is a good chance that one of your team mates can revive you before you expire.

When you lose all your health, you will be incapacitated for up to 20 seconds. during this time, a flashing cross will appear over your body, and any team member can approach you and hit the USE key to get you back on your feet. You will be revived with minimum health however, so it is then imperative that you find some medical attention. If you wish to bid this cruel world goodbye sooner, hit the USE key whilst incapacitated to give up the ghost and respawn. On the down side, a canny enemy will be sure to finish you off as you lie bleeding on the ground...

* REPAIRING THINGS - most vehicles and turrets can be repaired with the KMD Multiwrench, as described in the SYSTEM section of the space gameplay info above - enemies equipped with the MultiWrench can sabotage vehicles and turrets in a similar fashion.

__________________________________________________ _______________


WASD - Movement


RIGHT MOUSEBUTTON - Weapon Sights/Alt Fire

SPACE - Jump/Strafe Ship Up

C - Crouch/Strafe Ship Down

F - Use (single tap performs first listed action, hold down for more interaction options)

Q - Lean Left/Roll Ship Left

E - Lean Right/Roll Ship Right

SHIFT - Sprint/Use Grav Systems

Z - Weapon Flashlight/Counter Measures

X - Toggle Weapon Fire Mode

G - Lock target nearest to crosshair/nearest to your position

MOUSE SCROLL WHEEL - Weapon Select/Select Ship Subsystem Target

L - Open fire with all the ship weapon systems currently under AI control on the selected target

M - Return to ingame respawn menus/map

__________________________________________________ _______________


unfortunately we are working to competition deadlines, so some things we simply ran out of time to fix.

* BRD-13 SAM launcher turret and ULA Sturm AeroGunship target locking is automatic, but there is no visual feedback - resolution = trust the force, luke.

* AFF-Errah minimap outdated (do not match the actual map)

__________________________________________________ _______________


UT3's RTT routines are very computationally intensive, and you may find that performance on older machines becomes unnacceptable when around ship windows. To disable them, locate the textfile "UTAFFGame.ini" (found in My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config, NOT in the AFFgame mod folder) , open it in a text editor such as Notepad and find the line "[AFFGame.AFFShipWindowActor] bWindowsDisabled=false" and replace "false" with "true", save and exit. (The game must be shut down first, otherwise you will be unable to edit the file)

__________________________________________________ _______________


COZWORLD.com AFF PlanetStorm

A 64 slot server running on an 8 core xeon machine with gigabit bandwidth and 16gb ram will be running until the next MSUC phase on this build of Planetstorm, many thanks to CozmicShredder and his guys for this fabulous loan.

Go visit http://www.cozmicshredder.com for information on the planetstorm server, and for other high-bandwidth UT3 servers.

If you wish to run a dedicated planetstorm server, let us know so we can publicise your server.



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