Sven Co-Op v4.5

Play Half-Life with friends! Players fight...

  • Category First Person
  • Size 584.2 MB
  • Program by Sven Co-Op Team

Sven Co-Op v4.5

Play Half-Life with friends! Players fight computer-controlled monsters through the original Half-Life storyline or hundreds of available co-operative scenarios. Also includes a plethora of new weapons, enemies, visuals and gameplay systems. Customization features allow each map to use its own unique weapons and enemies.

Remember, to play Sven Co-op you need to own Half-Life (NOT HL: Source). To play Opposing Force maps in Sven Co-op, you need to own Opposing Force.

The latest version of Sven Co-op, with over 365 changes since v4.07 including:

* All sound-related (fmodex) crashes fixed, and other major stability improvements

* Full compatibility with non-English language settings

* No more endless reconnect/retry loops when joining servers

* All ambient sounds working correctly

* Advanced new mapping features allowing for impressive gameplay customizations

* Two new weapons

* Many new and improved maps

* Beta Opposing Force storyline support

* A secret monster ability

* Literally hundreds of smaller additions, tweaks, and bugfixes

Sven Co-op is a Co-operative based game for Valve Software's Half-Life. In this mod, players must work together against computer controlled enemies and solve puzzles as a team. It is essential that you are at least familiar with Half-Life and its controls, and it is recommended that you have completed Half-Life's Hazard Course. While Sven Co-op is similar to Half-Life, with similar weapons, monsters and characters, the difficulty has been increased.

Sven Co-op's levels are set as missions and are generally separate from each other. Many missions span several maps, and some are collected together in a series. The aim of most levels is to reach the end or to achieve an objective / obtaining a high score is not essential to beat a level, its just part of the fun.

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