• Category Puzzle
  • Size 4 MB
  • Program by Steve Pavlina

Stockboy Demo

Abundantly fun puzzle game with 150 levels similar to Sokoban, Dweep and Fitznik.

What do bombs, pencils, icebergs, ray guns, radioactive piggies, balls, barrels, teleporters, holes, crates, pressure pads, doors, detonators, acid, and exploding blobbies have in commmon? They're all found in Stockboy, an abundantly fun puzzle game with over 150 levels, similar to Sokoban, Dweep, Fitznik, and Aargon. The full version includes a built-in level editor, a gift shop to buy upgrades, extra bonus game modes, a music composer, bonus characters, and more free downloadable levels. Plus it comes with an unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee. Over 50 hours of fun!

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