DC-Christy Canyon

Desert Combat Map that supports CQ,TDM,CTF,S&D, CO-OP with...

DC-Christy Canyon

Desert Combat Map that supports CQ,TDM,CTF,S&D, CO-OP with bot support, and single player. Huge canyon map with all vehicles and soldiers reskined, 3 custom DPV and DirtBike, all .4 aircraft, exploding Bridges, Barrels and bunkers.

Welcome to DC Christy Canyon 1.0

This map supports all game types...CQ,TDM,CTF,S&D,CO-OP with bot support...as well as single player

...thats right, bots for all you 56k'rs.


reskinned vehicles(some from my skin packs but all iraqi aircraft and some us vehicles have all new skins)

Reskinned soldiers...Thanks to mazor for the US Camo.

Exploding Bridges...All Bridges can be blown with expacks, grenades or aircraft bombs.

Exploding barrels...you cant miss them, they have been reskinned with xplosive symbols on the side.

Exploding weapons Bunkers....

3 custom DPV's by Nordnex

The Dirtbike by Nordenx, but I recoded it and it handles a lot better

Randomly placed soldier kits in the field

Animated objects

.4 aircraft...F-15c,F-14B..Mirage


The special tanker full of DMT ;)

Mass Props to Nordenx for the use of his fine machines.

This file is compressed using Winace compression...dont be alarmed.

It can be opened with Winace or Winrar...Both can be d-l'd in demo form from

their respective websites...Or email me at mephistofo@hotmail.com and I will

send you a demo version.

DC Christy Canyon is a fictional battle and Places no value on historical accuracy,

but it is fun. The americans have a stronghold far above the canyon floor and the iraqis

have a stronghold on the canyon floor but surounded by huge natural stone walls. The rest is up for grabs...

5 takable bases...one central suppy base close to the iraqi main base..a neutral townsite...2 neutral strongholds

and 1 elevated radar tower on the upper ridge...most of the action takes place on the canyon floor,

but its also a dogfighters dream. There is also a small vehicle path around the whole perimeter

of the map and canyon wall roads for flanking attacks.

Known Issues:

Bots can somtimes drive vehicles into buildings through walls

the exploding barrels can start to "dance" a little if they are damaged but not destroyed

animations for exploding bridges sometimes dont work...but sometimes they do...couldnt figure it out

When driving or flying around the perimeter vehicle path, you can see painted shadow textures of items on

the other side of the map...this is due to the way the game maps the environment, the out of bounds area is

simply a reflection of the other side of the map. Doesnt affect gameplay but looks a bit odd from the air.

Animations of dirtbike riders hands not on handle bars when viewing in third person

When playing as Iraqi in single player mode...initially you can see 2 spawn points when spawning for the first time..

However you can only spawn at the main base..until your team takes more bases of course

Both main base flag icons on mini-map appear as takable flags...they are not takable

I did most of the testing on this map myself with the help

of the one and only Oblivion, so please fell free to email me

with any suggestions or bugs you find and I will release a patch

in a while to fix the issues.


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