Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - FabsterLinkLandscapes ClawRock Volcano v1.2

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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - FabsterLinkLandscapes ClawRock Volcano v1.2


Hello Hello this is the first addition of what I hope to be a great Series. Sorry about screen shots my comp wont let me take them but the mod looks good! trust me. This is a two man team with only one computer so yah were going to be working on alot of stuff. The ClawRock Volcano Is a hoge Volcano surrounded by deadra who are protecting a very special Creature on top. YOU have to climb up the mountain and destroy this creature along with the deadra. This isnt a quest its a big addition to a big game. The volcano is located East of Bruma and North of silvertooth cave. You have to be a Very High level to kill the creature on top or you can push him into the lava no biggie, but you wont get the loot!


Just Extract to your oblivion/data directory Thankyou.

Bugs/Known Issues:

*Sometimes enemys jump around landscape.

*The land seems a little edgy I know but its still cool.


*Fixed the pointy edges on volcano

*Added lava infront of volcano

*Fixed Creatures jumping around

*Added oblivion weather region around volcano

*Added more effects to volcano

*Made boss a little weaker


If you have any suggestions or comments please email me at

[email protected]

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