Jagged Alliance 2 v1.07 Patch [US & UK]

This patch for Jagged Alliance 2 will update all US and UK...

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Jagged Alliance 2 v1.07 Patch [US & UK]

This patch for Jagged Alliance 2 will update all US and UK versions to v1.07. See more information for patch details.

US PATCH v.1.07:

All the fixes from previous patches plus:

A minor sound problem is corrected that developed in the version 1.06 update, the rebels now give the correct remarks about important places in Arulco.

US PATCH v.1.06:

All the fixes from previous patches plus:

The AP cost for firing a Talon grenade launcher has been corrected

The accuracy of the Talon grenade launcher has been improved.

A re-appearing sector inventory situation has been resolved.

If the last enemy in a sector is non visible and he dies, the game will now recognize that the sector is clear.

A problem related to firing someone in a vehicle when the sector was currently loaded has been resolved.

A crash situation related to characters having statistics of 100 has been resolved

By popular demand, cheat keys have been included in this release, click here for details.

US PATCH v.1.05r:

All the fixes from previous patches plus:

Crowbars are now working correctly.

An issue with Kyle getting confused has been corrected.

Queen’s palace won't any more receive reinforcements when under player control.

Retreating from a sector while fighting creatures won't cause Deidranna to re-take the sector.

Mercs opening structures when not close to 'em has been fixed.

Kingpin will no longer send email from his grave.

US PATCH v.1.05:

All the fixes from the previous patch plus:

The unintended ability to duplicate items has been eliminated.

A cursor lockup situation in the brothel was fixed.

The ice cream truck no longer disappears after you recruit Hamous.

Inventory issues regarding stacking and using shaped charges were corrected.

Unintended results related to stealing were eliminated.

A situation involving being captured while in a vehicle was corrected.

Cans of gas may now be merged and cans below 10% status may now be used to refuel vehicles.

Stealth values will no longer be reset when they are maxed out.

Not having enough Action Points to drop ammunition no longer causes the game to crash.

A situation involving duplication of a shopkeeper's items, by trying to buy too much, has been eliminated.

An issue related to mercenaries dying in water has been corrected.

An issue preventing the placement of mercenaries upon entering an enemy sector, was resolved.

An issue causing squads to become corrupted was resolved.

Issues concerning the attacking of "Bob" have been resolved.

You can no longer climb roofs or jump fences when exhausted.

A crowbar "status" related issue was resolved.

US PATCH v.1.04:

The game engine has undergone various revisions and corrections, that will improve the gaming experience.

Experience gains related to crows and cows were adjusted to make the values more accurate.

Gas attacks now make civilians slightly angry. OK, very angry.

Mercs can no longer gain experience points for disarming bombs they planted, since this activity can be abused.

A new "double-pistol firing in water" animation has been added for the large merc body-type.

A message has been added to notify you that a character's ceramic plates have been destroyed

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