A map with unreal tournament IG in mind - ie...


A map with unreal tournament IG in mind - ie. no weaps in map at all. Its fast, different to look at, lots of double dodge action to be had.

this is what some of the gibbers @ www.gibblets.com had to say about;

--> WarMachine

Dude let me just say you have done an awsome job on this map.

*It is the most phychadelic and head spinning map i have seen.

*Very good creativity.


*Well Exectuted.


*Good use of teleporters/textures.

--> Violent.Femme

That's one very funkee map Dos. I love it.

After playing maps like the aptly named Dreary Outpost for too long iSOtope144 is Bliss.

--> cruncheegranola

It makes me wish I'd been able to experience the 70s! Trendy map d0s

--> Virgin

Like... wow man

That is ONE trippy map d0s, what were you on when you made it?

--> Da_Vinci

*Acid Flashback* Love it Dos , very well made , the ball is trippy as , one of the prettiest maps iv seen , got dizzy in the water if thats what it was , but loved playing it

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