Etherlords II v1.03 Patch

This patch will fix the issues with single-player crashes,

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Etherlords II v1.03 Patch

This patch will fix the issues with single-player crashes, disconnections from the master server, and balance some gameplay in Etherlords II.

ETHERLORDS II. Update patch 1.03 for the English version of the game


December 2003

Etherlords II © 2003 Nival Interactive. All rights reserved. Etherlords is a

trademark of

Nival Interactive. Published in North America by Strategy First Inc.



This is the third official update patch for the English version of the game

after its release.

It integrates all improvements and bug fixes done in patches 1.01 and 1.02. To

install the patch,

launch EL2_103ENG.exe file and follow on-screen instructions.

By default the patch is installed to C:\Program Files\Strategy First\Etherlords

II. After the

installation is complete, you can launch the game in the usual way - either

from your Windows

Start menu or by double-clicking on the file Etherlords2.exe in the game




Update patch 1.03 fixes the following problems discovered after the release of

update patch

version 1.02:

Campaign mode


- in Adventure mode, pseudo-free camera ("camera on rubber band") is now


Duel (Combat) mode


Fixes to combat mechanics:

- fixed the bug causing «Dissolution» spell not to "dissolute" enemy creatures

if the player had 0 ether,

despite the fact that this spell doesn't need ether to work;

- removing « Quick Fix » enchantment from a pale creature now kills it instead

of dissipating it

as before;

- «Hostile Ambience» spell used to affect creatures in Pale Aspect


- fixed the bug causing «Pale Revival» spell cast on creature with

«Regeneration» ability moved to

Pale Aspect, not to kill the creature but summon another one from the


- fixed the bug occasionally causing the following effect: if enemy creatures

affected by «Water Link»

enchantment were present on the battlefield and «Ravaging Hunger» spell was

cast, the creatures died,

then appeared with the player and then immediately died again, this time as the

player's creatures;

- fixed the bug with Walking Horror creature's attack. If attacking Walking

Horror killed a blocking

Walking Horror and then died, due to its «Trample» ability it incorrectly

inflicted damage to hero

after its death;

- fixed the bug causing Razor Man, Cutter Man and Sawer Man creatures to get

back to owner in

Summoning Sickness state when «Change of Command» enchantment has been removed,

though visually they

remained standing;

- fixed the bug occasionally causing creatures killed by «Water Link»

enchantment come back to the game

leaving their copies in the Graveyard;

- fixed the bug causing the following effect: If Grass Snake creature inflicted

damage to enemy hero,

«Blast» spell could only remove the enchantments cast after the attack; it was

impossible to remove

enchantments cast previously;

Changes to game balance:

- the player whose turn comes second, apart from additional spell now gets 1

extra ether for their

first turn;

- changed the working of «Rebirth» specialization: now it can work only once,

with average probability;

- Gibberling and Gibberling Instigator spells now cost 1 and 2 ether,


- «Gift» spell now costs 2 ether;

- Pale Scourge creature's special ability no longer affects Walls;

- Damage caused by «Data Attraction» spell is reduced to 2; and no spells can

protect from suffering

this damage;

- «Ethereal Resonance» spell now causes double damage to enemy hero and costs 4


- «Volcano» spell now gives 3 ether channels and costs 5 ether;

- «Ether Vortex» spell is changed. New description: "Ether Vortex: At the

beginning of the next turn,

the hero gets 1 extra ether from each available ether channel";

- Kobold Guard and Orc Guard creatures now get «Disenchant» ability;

- Orc Shaman creature is changed. New description: "The owner gets 1 ether at

the beginning of turn.

Rest, sacrifice ether channel: destroy target enchantment";

- «Barbed Souls» spell now only affects the enchantment's owner's creatures;

- Bat creature gets new ability: "If the Bat dies, the enemy hero discards


- Giant Bat creature gets new ability: "Every time Giant Bat inflicts combat

damage to enemy hero,

the owner gets 1 spell";

- Gray Ogre spell gets new ability: "If this spell has been discarded by

opponent's hero, Gray Ogre is

summoned to the battlefield";

- Ogre King creature's parameters now change to 7/8. Ogre King spell gets new

ability: "If this spell

has been discarded by opponent's hero, Ogre King is summoned to the


- «Ether Breeze» spell is changed. New description: "Cast on creatures. The

enchantment's owner gets 3

ether at the beginning of turn";

- «Ether Storm» spell is changed. New description: "Cast on creatures. The

enchantment's owner obtains

1 ether link at the beginning of turn";

- «Weaken» and «Call Lightning» spells get new ability: "If this spell has been

discarded by opponent’s

hero, the opponent discards 3 spells";

- Damage inflicted by «Burning Graves» spell is now increased to 3 for each

creature in the Graveyard.

Now this spell removes all creatures from the Graveyard;

Miscellaneous fixes:

- fixed the bug which made it possible to press "Surrender" button during Duel


- fixed the bug causing the clock to appear on the screen in single player's

unlimited time duel mode,

when it was activated after «Round Table» mode;

Multiplayer game


- necessary number of players in «Round Table» mode is reduced to 4;

- in «Blind» mode, players now have a choice among two game’s options – with

identical sets of spells

and with different ones;

- fixed the bug causing connection problems in «Round Table» mode when playing

behind Firewalls;

- fixed the bug causing the player's and opponent' names to be put in wrong

places when calling up

Save Combat screen in Multiplayer mode;

- fixed the bug causing the following effect: pressing

key in TCP/IP

mode did not lead to

pressing Create Host and Join buttons (e.g. if the player only entered their

nickname in Enter Your Nick

field and then pressed

, Create Host button should be activated);

3. Known technical issues


3.1 Background applications


We recommend against switching to other applications (by using Alt+Tab) while

the game is

running in windowed mode. In particular, using Alt+Tab in the Master server

mode may cause random

disconnection with the master server.

In addition, before launching the game, we recommend closing all other

applications (especially

Microsoft Outlook), to maximize system free resources.

The game doesn't support switching to other applications when running in

full-screen mode.

3.2 Known video cards issues


The game has problems with some accelerators based on ATI Radeon 9700 and

9700Pro chip sets from

certain manufacturers while working with some video drivers from ATI Catalyst


It is definitely known that Sapphire Atlantis RADEON 9700PRO 128MB doesn't work

with Catalyst

video drivers higher than version 3.0. However, this video card set does work

with Catalyst 3.0.

Besides, most of videocards based on ATI Radeon 9700 and 9700Pro chip set do

work with Catalyst 3.7

and Catalyst 3.8 drivers.

Catalyst 3.0 drivers are supplied on the CD2 in the directory /Video


4. Developer feedback and support


Nival Interactive and Strategy First Inc. companies do not guarantee full

operability of this game on all hardware. However, experience has shown that

most computers which meet the minimum system requirements will be capable of

running the game. We greatly appreciate all notes and bug reports.

Strategy First Inc. offers technical support through the Etherlords web

site, E-mail, and via phone.

If you run have problems with the program, and the information in

the manual and Readme file are insufficient, consult the support

area on the Etherlords web site at

Our web site contains up-to-date information on the most common

difficulties with our products, and is kept current with the most

up-to-date information and patches.

If you are unable to find the information you need on our web site,

you can E-mail Strategy First Inc. at [email protected]

Please be sure to include the following information:

Title of Game

Operating System

Type of CPU, and speed in MHz

Amount of RAM

Sound card type

Video Card


Mouse type and driver version (if available)

And a detailed description of the problem you are having.

If you need to speak with someone immediately you may contact the Strategy

First Inc.

Technical Support department at (514) 844-2433. Please have the above

information ready when

you call. This will help us answer your question in the shortest possible time.

Customer Service

at this number is available from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern time. Note that no

hints or codes

are available from this line.

Our web sites



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