DOOM 3 - Normal Weapon Flashlight Mod

This mod adds a flashlight to all normal weapons in DOOM 3,...

  • Category First Person
  • Size 143.1 KB
  • Program by Ken 'Kenimaru' Chang

DOOM 3 - Normal Weapon Flashlight Mod

This mod adds a flashlight to all normal weapons in DOOM 3, read below for all the details.

Doom 3 Normal Weapon Flashlight Mod v. 0.1

Date: 08.07.04

Author: Ken 'Kenimaru' Chang


-Well, let's see here...Yes, this is yet another Doom 3 flashlight on guns mini mod.

The features are based on my own needs and views about tweaking the gameplay, so please don't ask me why.


-Use at your all risk, hands down.


-Extract the "pk005.pk4" file to your "Doom 3\base" directory (or so-called folder)


-Remove the "pk005.pk4" file (a la delete)


-Bigger flashlight (BIGGER is BETTER)

-Flashlight on all "normal" weapons (pistol, shotgun, machinegun, etc)

-No flashlight on "super" weapons (BFG, plasma, and so on)

-Lights on/off NOT during weapon switching, I just feel it's less disorienting and that feels right.


-No muzzleflash (replaced by the flashlight)

-Can't toggle flashlight on/off


-Check your "DoomConfig.cfg" in your "Doom 3\base" directory and make sure that

"seta g_muzzleFlash" is set to "1" instead of "0".

In plain English, it means to enable the muzzleflash.



-You may freely distribute this file provided that this readme.txt file is not removed and it's not commercially exploited.


[email protected]

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