Left 4 Dead - HQ Blood Stain Witch Skin

Bloody Witch Skin....

Left 4 Dead - HQ Blood Stain Witch Skin

Bloody Witch Skin.

High Quality "Blood Stained Witch" V1.0

BY: VincentX3

Here's my "Silent Hill" Version of the Witch

Since I thought the original lost it's touch and scare after a while.

Everything High Quality like always!

Any Feedback or Questions? Go to this link:


Enjoy Mates!!

Changelog v1.0::::

- Increased all the texture sizes for more quality

- Based the Skin off "Silent Hill" creatures

- Redid all the clothing

- Added Vains and other "effects"

- Redid the face area

- Made the whole skin more bloody looking

- Redid the legs area

- Redid the Arms area

- Gave the foot area textures (it was textureless)

- Added "Designs" or "Markings" to the skin

- Layered it alot

- Redid the Hair and Quadrupled the texture size

- Made the Hair High Quality and more dark looking with streaks

- Etc...

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