DOOM - Skulltag - Latest Version

DOOM - Skulltag - Latest Version

Skulltag is a new port for Doom featuring new weapons, items, levels, multiplayer support, CTF, bots, and it's all based on the incredible port, ZDoom.

The latest and greatest version of Skulltag is here! Skulltag v0.96d is now here, with a lot of bug fixes, and some pretty sweet new features!

So, just what's so different about this version? Well, I'll tell you!

Skulltag is now based on ZDOOM 2.0.63a! Therefore, you can now create your OWN custom monsters/items via the DECORATE lump!

The client/server sector system has been totally revamped! Floors, plats, doors, etc. ought to sync up much better now. In addition, many new types of floors, plats, doors, etc. that didn't work before now do (such as perpetually moving floors).

Added nice, big new messages that display whenever you frag someone, or get fragged!

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