Fallout 3 - Animated Prostitution Mod

Animated Prostitution adds fully animated prostitutes to the...

Fallout 3 - Animated Prostitution Mod

Animated Prostitution adds fully animated prostitutes to the Capital Wasteland. It does so by allowing most NPC’s to be propositioned for sex. This process starts with the prostitutes. They hold the “keys” to the virtual sex world. Consider them the “gatekeepers”. If you’ve installed the mod correctly, you must now activate the sex features within the game world before you can begin your promiscuous activities. This can be accomplished via an in-game Quest titled: Adding Sex to the Game, which should activate the next time you start Fallout. The Quest isn’t difficult and only serves to familiarize you with the gameplay. First, find a prostitute.

Animated Prostitution

By JoshNZ



This guide is aimed to benefit experts, and those who have never installed a mod before. If this is your first mod or you are relatively new at installing mods, then you should read everything. Those who are acquainted with installing mods might want to skip the installation process.


“Mods” you should have include:

FOMM - (Fallout Mod Manager) (

) or (

Archive Invalidation - (

FOSE (Fallout Script Extender) - (

(Perhaps most importantly) You will also need an application capable of unpacking the packaged mods, like 7Zip ( or WinWar.

7Zip is author’s preferred choice and is the version I would recommend as well. It’s free too!

If you don’t have these tools, then start with them before proceeding. What they do, and how to install each mod can be located on their respective pages. These tools are not only beneficial when used with Animated Prostitution, but with many (if not most) other mods as well.

Installation Instructions

Step 1 can be accomplished in a couple of different ways; however, I will only show how to install the mod using the Fallout Mod Manager.

1. First, go to the Animated Prostitution sight and create an account if you have not done so already. No worries, it’s free. (

2. There you will find a series tabs including; Description, Files, images, Mirrors, Comment, Discussion, Action log, and Tags. Click on the Files tab.

3. Here you’ll find a number of files. To date, the most notable is the Main file, labeled Animated Prostitution ESM. Optional files include Fem Voice Package and R18 Body Pack V1dot4. Download the Animated Prostitution ESM file and the other two if you desire.

4. Activate FOMM, and click on the Package Manager button. (beneath Launch FOSE button)

5. A second widow will pop up. Click on the first button in the list; (Add New) Find the Animated Prostitution ESM that you downloaded. It should be located in your Downloads folder, or wherever you set your files to go when downloading. Click on the ESM, and the Fallout Mod Manager will auto-install the mod for you. The name of the mod should appear in the Package Manager window. Before activating the mod, you should do step 6. However, prematurely activating the mod will not cause problems with step 6.

6. Now highlight the Animated Prostitution ESM, (inside) the Package Manager Window. Find the Edit Info button in the list to the right. Under Mod Description, type a description of the mod inside the white box below. (I tend to copy and paste the read me) You should also click on the Set Screenshot button and use a picture relating to the mod. Sample pictures are located on the Animated Prostitution homepage under the tab, Images. Click the Save button. Now you’ll be able to identify your mod with greater ease.

7. Click on the empty box next to Animated Prostitution ESM. You should see a checkmark indicating the mod is activated. If not, double click on the Animated Prostitution ESM until it activates and wait for the mod to load. Once the mod has loaded, close the Package Manager window.

8. In the Fallout Mod Manager window, you should now see two unchecked ESM’s. One will be named Animy Prostitution esm, and the other will be named Cross Mod Data esm. Activate both. (Note: Customarily, ESM files sit above ESP files.) Load order is an important issue with mods. If you have no other mods installed, you will see a Fallout 3 ESM. This file should sit above all others. Cross Mod Data ESM should be right under it, followed by Animy Prostitution ESM. If not, click and drag these files into the right order, or you could try using the FOMM’s Auto Sort button. Installation will now be complete.

Note: FOMM provides a secondary method for installing mods. Some mods MUST be unpackaged first and manually sorted, or they will not operate properly. In the case of Animated Prostitution, a developer’s file was added to the original zip file you downloaded from the nexus. If you are having in-game issues with the mod that cannot be resolved by studying this readme, try switching from the Prostitution ESM file, to the Prostitution ESP file. ESP files can also be edited with the G.E.C.K, for those with an understanding on how to mod. If you prefer installing the ESP file, replace steps 4 and 5 with the following set of instructions.

1. Find your downloaded 7zip version of Animated Prostitution and right click on it. If you installed the 7-Zip program correctly, you’ll now see an added option directly under the word Open. (7-Zip) Highlighting 7-Zip will reveal a list of options pertaining to opening 7-Zip files. Clicking on Extract Here, will remove (copied) contents of the zip file into the destination folder. You will now see three folders (meshes, textures, Dev), readme documents, and two master files. (Animy Prostiution, and Cross Mod Data)

2. Make a new folder, and name it Animated Prostitution. Drag the meshes folder, textures folder, readme’s and the Cross Mod Data ESM into the new folder. Click on the folder named “Dev” to open it, and pull the Animy Prostitution ESP out, and stick into your new folder.

3. Return to the FOMM, and click on the Package Manager button. This time, click the Create From Folder button. Continue from step 6. (keep in mind, the Animy Prostitution ESM will be replaced with the new Animy Prostitution ESP file.

At this point, you may install your optional files in the same manner as described above. If you want a more in-depth understanding of what they do first, please finish reading before installing.

To uninstall the mod now or later, uncheck the Animated Prostitution file in the Package Manager, and then right click on it, followed by delete.


1. If you activated a Player Perk, you must remove it in the options menu.

2. Open the console, (if you don’t know how, refer to below link) and type set aaQuest.PimpMe to 2

Using both methods helps to ensure the uninstall was completed safely. Remember, you should only do this if you have the Player Perk activated. The author states this should be unnecessary with the sex control options device, as all you’ll need to do from that point is pick the Pep-Foe Uninstall option. If you leave the Player Perk on your Player YOU WILL CTD if you uninstall Animated Prostitution. Hopefully this problem will be fixed in the future.


How to accomplish a fresh install

1. Load Fallout with Animated Prostitution Active.

2. Type set aQuest.PimMe to 2 into the console, or ask a prostitute to stop working, or use the sex options menu.

3. Save.

4. Deactivate the mod.

5. Load Fallout.

6. Save.

7. Re-activate the mod.

8. Load your game and enjoy.

List of console Commands:

Set aaQuest.PimpMe to 1

Same function as: “I’d like to add sexual content to the game”.

Set aaQuest.PimpMe to 2

Stops dialogue and removes the Player Perk from the game. This will have the same effect as: “I feel dirty, I’d like to remove the R18 content from the game”.

Gameplay Elements

What does this mod do?

Animated Prostitution adds fully animated prostitutes to the Capital Wasteland. It does so by allowing most NPC’s to be propositioned for sex. This process starts with the prostitutes. They hold the “keys” to the virtual sex world. Consider them the “gatekeepers”. If you’ve installed the mod correctly, you must now activate the sex features within the game world before you can begin your promiscuous activities. This can be accomplished via an in-game Quest titled: Adding Sex to the Game, which should activate the next time you start Fallout. The Quest isn’t difficult and only serves to familiarize you with the gameplay. First, find a prostitute.

List of Prostitutes

• Nova – She lives in Megaton and works for Moriarty in the Saloon. (

• Susan Lancaster – This one lives at Tenpenny Towers. She can usually be found floating about the lobby.


• Cherry and Fantasia – These two are located at Dukov’s place. (

• Silver – She can be found at the Springvale bandit house. (

If all of these girls are dead or otherwise unavailable, type the following command into the console: set aaQuest.PimpMe to 1 The dialogue should be started now. Otherwise, follow the normal quest structure. You can check the Quest structure by opening your pipboy, and looking under the Quest tab for the Adding Sex to the Game mission. Once your find a prostitute, talk to her and follow the new dialogue options provided to you. Each time you complete an objective, (which is more like a quick tutorial) the next objective will be revealed until all are completed. The order is as such:

1. Find a whore, and ask her to have sexual options added to the game.

2. Becoming a whore/Ask the whore to join you.

3. Get whore to join you.

4. Make the whore follow you to your base and set the home marker.

5. Tell the whore to go to the H.Q. marker.

The mod will be officially activated!!!

With the mod activated you can now:

• Have sex for free with anonymous NPC’s

• Pay for sex with anonymous NPC’s

• Get paid to have sex with anonymous NPC’s

• You bring NPC’s to your home for sex

• You can pimp NPC’s to have sex for you

Nova is one of the best prostitutes to start with. You can immediately explore the “Follow” options with her as well as her normal “whore” subroutine. For instance, to sleep in a bed with Nova, just follow her to the upstairs bed at Moriarty’s after you’ve hired her, and wait for Nova to get into bed. Once she’s sleeping, activate her. In the normal version of Fallout 3, nothing happens. Now, you’ll actually be able to have sex with her. This applies to both men, and women. Explore the game options to find out what you can do with her…

To bring an NPC back to bed with you do the following:

1. Ask an NPC to come to bed with you. (your spot)

2. Take the NPC to a bed where they can sleep. As of right now, renting a place at Moriarty’s or using your owned home are examples of available places.

3. Ask NPC to get into bed.

4. Once NPC is lying down in bed, activate them.

5. Pick an animation, and enjoy.

Sometimes, when NPC’s can’t find a bed they can sleep in, they will begin to wander about. To correct this, activate the NPC and order them to follow you. Be aware that there is a 24 – hour cool down period for NPC’s, so you can’t stay in the same spot, having sex with same NPC’s continually.


Pimping is accomplished through dialogue. If you have the verbal skill to pass they dialogue test, then you will acquire followers willing to serve you.

As a Pimp

• You can recruit multiple NPC’s to work for you

• The NPC will receive caps for each action they perform

• The NPC will receive 25 caps a day

• Player can pimp the NPC if they are following

• NPC’s you are pimping have basic follower commands

A newly recruited NPC will start working but will not follow you. This means they will offer blowjobs to anyone they talk to and get caps each time they suck someone off. To pimp a whore, first make sure that the whore is following you. Then approach any random NPC with whom you can start a dialogue. The option to pimp your whore to them should be available. If they agree to have sex, your whore will approach the NPC and perform a random sex act. Once the NPC’s are finished, do not forget to open a dialogue with your whore, if you want to get the caps that she has earned. (pimping rule 1#, you should always keep your hoes broke)

Body Mods

These are perhaps the most vital visual components to the mod. Without them, the NPC’s will perform sex acts, but only in their underwear. If you are encountering this issue, or issues with NPC skin texture, you may have installed you body mod incorrectly.

This mod is animated to look best with Breeze’s body. By default, I am assuming that you are happy with the body mods you have already installed.

Animated Prostitution Body Options

• Wet-Rubber- So stripping naked is applied.

• Base Body- Will equip a copy of the UpperBody.nif/femmaleupperbody.nif

• R18 Body Pack (old-school body replacer) This will make the bodies from the body pack auto equip when the action starts. This allows you to have one body for exploring, and another for having sex. You will equip a copy of the upperbody-erect.nif/femaleupperbody-rude.nif to accomplish this. This option is only available if you have the R18bodyPack.esp enabled.

Body Control

(new school body replacer)

This is a separate project from the main Animated Prostitution mod, but because it’s 37 megs or so, updates for it can’t be found on the Animated Prostitution page. Otherwise, follow the link below. Look into your pipboy (under aid and apparel sections) for options pertaining to Animated Prostitution, and the Body Control device.


The Body Control Device can be use with or without Animated Prostitution however, it extends Animated Prostitution’s body handling options if installed.

I have made a body pack with 11 female and 1 male body in it. You can switch the Player’s body on the fly or give a new body to an NPC. Just the thing if you have clothes from two or more different body mods. This has been set up so that the base underline textures are not changed, allowing you to switch instantly between the Fallout base body and any of the nine bodies, which provide unique skin textures for each. (archive invalidation not even required)

You can hotkey the [Body Control] to quick change back to the Fallout base body. Equipping it in the Menu Mode will give you the Options Menu.

Male Body Used

Breeze’s Male Body (

Female Bodies Used

Breezes Blender FO3 Biped Animation Kit (

Dimonized Type 3 Body (

Type V Female Body


Naouak Female Body (

Growlfs Female Body (

The bodies in the control pack are the properties of the authors. All rights reside with them. If anybody would like to have his or her body mod included, contact me.

The Body Control Device includes some bonus stuff. Whore body and strap-ons have been included. The Whore body and clothes is for females.

When you equip the Whore body you’ll get four items added Potomic Attire. The items include:

• A top

• A dress

• A nighty

• A strap-on

If you put on the auto-pimp necklace, sex with NPC ‘s will randomly auto-engage when you walk near them. After the sex animation ends, you’ll receive payment for your services. The strap-on can be used in some animations.

You can purchase these items if you have Animated Prostitution and Body Control installed. Just go to Potomac Attire in Rivet City, and speak to Bannon. The items are listed in his inventory. They can be interchanged so you can have the top and strap-on or top and dress or just the nighty; but still keep the underline naked body active. Why? This allows you to wear clothes while searching for your next trick. The necklace has a nice look to it, too.

Naouak gets full credit for making this body and the clothes. The author edited the nighty to be shorter and broke the top and dress apart from the body. Josh did however, make the strap on to fit. He says these are his first real mesh exports.

Naouak Female Body Replacer

The Body Control can now Auto-pick from the 11 bodies for Female NPC’s that you encounter. This allows them to have a variety of bodies. If you don’t like this feature, use the Reset option so you can restore all NPC back to normal.

Words directly from Josh

If you end up looking old, one of your mods has altered the race section and is causing problems... Bummer. Read the 3RD Party install Instructions.txt or just skip to the end.

Body Pack

If you wish to use the Body pack’s bodies, find a prostitute and ask...

Enable them in the AP options menu.

Replacing the Bodies

If you don’t like the bodies I provide copy over these files:

(Path to fallout 3)\Data\Meshes\Characters\_male\femaleupperbody-rude.nif For females


(Path to fallout 3)\Data\Meshes\Characters\_male\upperbodymale-erect.nif For males.

Let me make this clear

I DID NOT MAKE THE BODIES, I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR ABOUT THE BODIES, I HAVE ONLY PUT THEM ON MY PAGE TO BE NICE, so you didn’t have to go to another page to get working fall-out porn.

The bodies included are from Breeze's male body and much harder to find Breeze's female body. Any complaints should be given to Breeze.

My only reply to anyone who asks about the R18 body pack will be; READ THE FUCKING READ ME!

Body Control Device

I am willing to relent here a bit, but only with things that don’t relate to the bodies. I know that Growl’s skin is too bright and does not match the face…or that some armors get fucked up if you change to body to Breeze's male body and you did not download the armor fix…all of these problems are the responsibility of the original author.

I JUST DO NOT WANT TO HERE ABOUT IT! EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All other questions are welcome. ?

Thank You Breeze582000

Here is a link to his body page:


The Camera


These animations are meant for 3rd person viewing. Please be in 3rd person before initiating dialogue with NPC's.

Concerning camera angles for the animations

Holding the “F” key sort of works depending on how much room there is when you start the action but if you're in cramped quarters it usually doesn't work very well.

In some animations, the camera can get distorted very easily. In these types of situations, the camera may go haywire. I have no control over the camera, whether through scripting, or animation. If I could fix it, I would.

If the camera is distorted you have 3 main options:

1) Open the console using the [~] key, then type TFC (Toggle Free Cam) into the console when you are in 3rd person.

2) Hold down “F”.

3) Equip the Pip-Boy. This will reset the cam.

Sound Pack

Sounds are hosted at the home page. The Female voice add-on installs female moaning to the game for those who desire a bit of auditory icing to go with their animated cake. You will need to follow the link below to get the sound for V2.1 and up.


Why go here? Because the ad I show you from Google is my payment for making this mod for you. (it’s a small price to pay)

In game tips…

1. During sex scenes, some of the animations are unwatchable from a normal perspective. You must type the command TFC into the console, and press enter. This will give you complete control of the camera. The camera moves with the same buttons used to control your character. If you attempt to change positions while in TFC mode, your character will disappears, and the animation will pause. Remedy this, by deactivating TFC mode and returning to normal. Also be aware, that you MUST have a good view of your character, and their partner before entering TFC mode. Otherwise, your character’s texture will not register and will appear invisible.

2. You know you’ve got too many ho’s when we can’t recruit more. If you want different ho’s but you’re at your maximum, try ditching one or two of those bitches by firing them. (they’re used up anyway)

3. Facial animations can be tricky. Some people report problems with facial animations not working. If you fall into this category, try reinstalling Facial Expressions by Backsteppo, over your existing Animation Prostitution game. (

4. Although I enjoy having automated facial expressions, I sometime prefer to give my guy or gal specific expression to accentuate the mood. The Groovatron is an excellent mod that allows for a variety of nifty features. Categorizing all facial animations is one such feature. Using the default button of “X”, you can activate all of the facial animations for your character, and whomever you are having sex with. The characters will temporarily break their animation while you choose their facial expression but once you’re done, activate your in-game sex buddy (as if talking to them) and they’ll be bumping like rabbits in seconds. (

5. Sometimes when playing as a female character, a glitch may occur when asking someone to follow you home for sex. When they get into bed, the NPC might not lay on their back fully, distorting any sexual animation afterwards. To remedy this, use the Groovatron’s reset animation option to readjust the NPC into the proper position. This also works when resetting other animated anomalies.

6. Check your Pipboy! The sex options are within.

7. Close your door, and pull down the blinds…

8. There’s a variation on the original animations called Animated Prostitution Reanimated. It may be worth checking out. (

9. The original Animated Prostitution page can provide a wealth of knowledge. Read the comments sections if you have questions about something not covered in the read me. You might find an answer. (

Concerning Comments

Please reframe from posting rude remarks on the nexus comment page. If you’ve already done so, please do the adult thing, and edit the comments to PC levels. If you would like to say something rude, crazy, or just plain insulting, your remarks will be happily accepted at the enclosed email/windows messenger below, or use the contact button on my page. ?

Thanks to...

Breeze582000- For the bodys. And Animation Kit

Mezzles - #1 fan and bug tester on the actions.

Agnot2006 - #1 bug tester on the pimp part.

n1c2c8 - Spell checking(Up to the V1.8's).

pifesh - comments that helped.

Drayk Cannon - comments that helped.

Species5478 - in-game and revised English readme editing

All the people who have voted and left comments that I have used to make this one off the top mods around.


([email protected])

A note from the editor:

And if you haven’t already for Pete’s sake man, give Josh a Kudos!


JoshNZ Edit LOL.

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