Richard Burns Rally v1.02 Patch

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  • Size 7.9 MB
  • Program by Warthog

Richard Burns Rally v1.02 Patch

This patch for Richard Burns Rally can be applied to all versions of Richard Burns Rally including Czech and Polish versions and upgrades the driving game to v1.02. Read below for more details!

Richard Burns Rally(tm) 1.02 Update


Bug fixes:


* The redbull animation (cans sticking out of the arms...)

* AMD crashes for people having processors not supporting SSE (now tested over here and it seems to work fine). Installer detects if the processor supports SSE and installs the right exe for RBR depending on this.

* Smashed windshield is no longer black.

* Slow-downs in replays should now be fixed.

* Option to invert steering axis (Set the desired axis to change to true in the input.ini file).

* The glass shader bug reported by is now fixed.



* Optimization of the cubic map which improves the frame-rate.

* All scripts are now included in misc.rbz and scripts.rbz.

* Modding DLL (A readme document will be released soon.)

* Audio tweak. Comments below:

New Features


* Amplitude edit on some specific types of samples.

* Force number of audio channels to use.

* 10-Band Equalizer on the engine sound



* Enabled enviormental reflections ( Disabled in 1.01 ).

* Fixed broken door effect. ( Disabled in 1.01 )

* Fixed transmission amplitude. ( To loud in 1.01 ).



* Read the audio.ini file for more information on the new features.



Q: Black mipmap lines appear in the road.

A: The black lines appearing on the road is caused by the users forcing the driver to use AF (Anisotrophic Filtering) and/or FSAA (Fullscreen Anti Alias). By default it is set to be application controlled, which the game works fine with. This can have other graphical side effects, such as poor looking fonts and 2D graphics, because if you force to use these techniques they are applied to everything that is rendered instead of the application selecting where to use it. Also it does degrade the performance.