Liero Xtreme Demo

Liero Xtreme- Clone of the classic game Liero (online...

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  • Size 1.8 MB
  • Program by Jason Boettcher

Liero Xtreme Demo

Liero Xtreme- Clone of the classic game Liero (online version)

Liero Xtreme is a clone of the classic game "liero".

Liero Xtreme has additional features to the game like:

Better menu.

More AI.

Smarter AI. (They even use ninjarope)

Better level editor.

Additional seperate level editor.

More Options.

Net' Play

Add your own weapons

And various other features

The game is a arcade worms game where you pick a player and verse either up to 1-7 other computers or verse your friends online or on the same computer by Lan or just both use the same keyboard. Your objective is to go around and kill your opponent worm with lots of different types of guns. You can pick up bonus pickups throughout the levels but each bonus you pick up will overwrite your current weapon.

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