The Mutant

The mutant is an integrated fully powered DBMS, HTTP server...

The Mutant

The mutant is an integrated fully powered DBMS, HTTP server and Network Manager.

The Mutant is an integrated software system that can act as a relational database management system, a web server, AND a network manager. The Mutant represents a new generation of software whose innovative technology makes database management as simple as browsing the internet.

Creating and maintaining a personal or corporate database using the Mutant is straight forward: all database commands are done in one click, through a web interface on your browser.

No need to learn SQL or any special language, nor receive special training.

The Mutant database provides unique features that can otherwise be obtained only at prohibitive cost. Access to the database, whether from the LAN or the internet, is a native feature of the Mutant. Remote information, such as an overseas office database, can easily be accessed as if it was local, at an amazing speed.

At ITEAM, we stress maximum output and minimum cost. The Mutant technology presents a powerful database system on a commodity PC and LAN products. No specialized or expensive hardware is needed, making the technology ideal for small and medium enterprises.

The Mutant is a database management system accessible to everyone!

Application modifications are as easy as manipulating a browser page. Esthetic modifications can be tailored to the user’s taste by any web-page technician and requires no programming.

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