IRC Score v1.2 (Zip)

This is an IRC bot that relays server information into your...

IRC Score v1.2 (Zip)

This is an IRC bot that relays server information into your IRC channel. This is a great tool for knowing game information such as what's going on and team scores. Great for clans that run a clan channel in IRC and keep tabs on a match game.

Version 1.2.0

* FIXED: Misspelling in IRC interface error output

* FIXED: Crash when connecting to slow IRC servers ("Runtime Error 9")

* FIXED: Data sending delay time was ignored under certain circumstances

* FIXED: Crash when IRC ident port (113) was blocked ("Runtime Error 10048")

* CHANGED: Gameserver data logging code more efficient

* CHANGED: Output method of errors caused by connecting to a gameserver

* CHANGED: Some menu, control, and messagebox captions

* CHANGED: Tracking of empty textboxes more exact now

* CHANGED: Cleaned up bunches of sourcecode

* CHANGED: Minor things in information output messages

* CHANGED: Better error tracking in IRC interface

* CHANGED: Improved error tracking for game server querying

* CHANGED: Compiler settings to avoid problems on some machines

* CHANGED: Included a comment in the .INI file, changed layout

* ADDED: Generic support for Star Trek: Elite Force

* ADDED: Short server information output command

* ADDED: Short player information output command

* ADDED: "Players:" prefix to player information output messages

* ADDED: Error handling in History window

* ADDED: Option to generally disable question for email sending after error

* ADDED: Option to enable/disable error logging to file

* ADDED: New short information output variants selectable for auto posts

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