Bang! Gunship Elite Demo

You play Xaha, a young talented Arikhan fighterpilot...

Bang! Gunship Elite Demo

You play Xaha, a young talented Arikhan fighterpilot. Enormous casualties that your people of the Alliance have suffered at the hand of the Sektar have thrusted you, a relative newbie, into the throes of battle. Often you will be forced to face the enemy alone, as there simply aren't enough fighterpilots. Combat information says the first mission of the Sektar is to destroy the Dagon-bases, since they are considered the brains in the Alliance. You must do everything in your power to complete your combat missions successfully, if your people are to have hope.

The Bang! Gunship Elite demo REQUIRES a 3D card. For a list of Supported 3D Cards and Minimum Requirements, visit the Bang! FAQ.

You must have directx 7.0a installed to run this demo. If you experience any problems after downloading and installing this demo, you should visit Microsoft's site to download and install DirectX 7.0a.

Bang! Gunship Elite requires a 100% DirectX 7 compatible 3D accelerator. Also, your computer must meet each of the following Minimum Requirements:

- Computer: Pentium II 233 MHz processor

- Memory: 32 MB RAM

- Operating System: Windows® 95 or 98

- DirectX: DirectX 7.0a (included on CD) must be installed

- CD-ROM: 4x or faster

- Hard Drive: 200 MB uncompressed space

- 3D hardware: DirectX 7.x compatible 3D Accelerator required. For a full list of supported cards, click here.

- Sound: DirectX 7.x compatible sound card required

- Controller: 100% DirectX 7.x compatible Joystick, gamepad, or mouse

- Internet / Network Play: Properly Configured TCP/IP connection at 28.8 Kbps or faster

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