Desert Rats vs. Afrika Korps Multiplayer Demo

Desert Rats vs...

  • Category Real-Time
  • Size 209.2 MB
  • Program by Digital Reality & Monte Cristo

Desert Rats vs. Afrika Korps Multiplayer Demo

Desert Rats vs. Afrika Korps Multiplayer Demo includes a host of additional modes and improvements over the single-player trial version. The demo's multiplayer features include four modes to choose from and up to four players that can play co-operatively or alone.

Game Features:

Map: Conquer 1

Goal: Capture all the flags, while getting reinforcements for both sides every 3 minutes.

Multiplayer Modes: Occupy all HQs, Kill All Enemies, Occupy Most HQs Within 15 Minutes and Occupy 5 HQs.

Important Imformation:

- Please close down all programs before running DRvsAK. Task switching is not advised while you run DRvsAK, several problems arise from that action!

- This game was optimized for current NVidia (with driver version 45.23)

and ATI video cards therefore you may experience problems (such as loss of shadows) on other video cards. GeForce 2 and ATI 7500 family cards are also supported.

- This program requires DirectX 9.0 to run.

- You can remap the keyboard shortcuts of the game using our own keyboard configurer program located in the core directory of the game.

- With Windows9x operating systems once you've changed the game's graphical resolution, you have to quit the game in order for the modifications to take place.

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