Unreal Tournament 3 - Renegade X

Renegade X is an Unreal Tournament 3 total conversion FPS...

Unreal Tournament 3 - Renegade X

Renegade X is an Unreal Tournament 3 total conversion FPS mod aimed at recreating Command & Conquer: Renegade. This version features the C&C game mode, which is an FPS/RTS hybrid, as well as 11 unique vehicles, 17 weapons (including 2 superweapons) and a collection of characters and structures. For more information on gameplay, please read the "HowToPlay" text file in the download.

Check this

Fileblog Renegade X Mod Preview

on the many reasons why this mod brings back the Tiberium magic of Command & Conquer: Renegade.

Make Something Unreal Submission:

- MSU Phase 4:Best FPS Game Mod

- MSU Phase 4:Best Non-FPS Game Mod

- MSU Phase 4:Best Art for a Game Mod

- MSU Phase 4:Best Level for Game Mod

- MSU Phase 4:Best New Vehicle Set

- MSU Phase 4:Best Graphics in Map

Disclamer: This version of the mod does not represent the final product.

Please read the "HowToPlay" and "HowToInstall" .txt files found in the "TARX_AugustBuild.rar" file as they will have information on how to setup and also play the mod.

Renegade X - v0.4 Beta 2 Release

=============Renegade X v0.40 Beta=============

Name: RenegadeX_Beta_v040.exe

Size: 421MB

Date: 14/11/2009


This is the official second beta release for the Unreal Tournament 3 total conversion mod "Renegade X" that is recreating Command and Conquer Renegade and improving upon what made the game so great.



- Added GDI/Nod Rocket Officers


- Fixed being able to get on top of the GDI Refinery on Field

- Fixed getting on the cliff behind the Nod bunker on Field

- Enhanced Visuals on Field

- Added map remake Volcano

Purchase Terminals:

- Purchase Terminals update credits in realtime

- Added Nod Character Preview Images

- Fixed text not rendering in correct font


- All vehicle turret's turn speeds adjusted

- Increased rate of fire of APCs, Humvee, Buggy

- Increased Flame tank speed

- Harvester now respects teams vehicle queue when respawning

- Removed dead vehicle wreckages

- Tweaks to vehicles weight system

- Modified Buggy engine sound


- Fixed PIC/Railgun damage to light armour vehicles

- Fixed Gunner Rocket launcher damage to light armour vehicles

- Reduced Grenade Launcher damage

- Increased shotgun spray angle

- Removed "Sniped" Killed messege with headshot kills

- Timed C4s no longer land flat

- Fixed Remote C4 switching weapon after tossing

- Fixed Animation for ION/Nuke to be visible to all players

- Added ION/Nuke Explosions

- Added ION/Nuke EVA Announcement/Countdown

- Added Ion/Nuke Charge up sounds

- Fixed weapon switch time for all weapons

Server Client:

- Added detail information display

- Enhanced User Interface

- Added Log window display option


- Enemies must now be targeted to appear in Radar

- Added radio commands using CTRL/ALT/CTRL+ALT plus number

- Decreased vehicle creation time from 10 to 5 seconds

===============HOW TO Install=================

1) UnInstall any previous versions of Renegade X and Remove the "Renegade" folder (Skip this step if you dont have it installed)

2) Install Renegade X 0.40 beta to "C:\Users\

\Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\Renegade"

=================HOW TO Run===================

Run the Renegade-X.exe found in the root mod installation folder. This will launch the Renegade-X frontend system that allows you to either launch the mod or join a server.

By selecting a server you wish to join in the frontend application, and pressing the "Join Server" button, the mod will automatically launch and connect to the server you wish to join. If you are having difficulties with the frontend system, please make sure you have version 3.5 or higher of ".NET" installed as it is required to run this application. If you are continuing to have difficulties, then please state the problem on our forums at and we will assist as fast as we can.

In the frontend application; press the "Start (Offline) Game" button to launch the mod where you will have the option to play the mod by yourself through "Instant Action" or configure your settings. Note, at the moment we have not yet established the ingame multiplayer server list to show the servers that are avaliable, and must use the frontend to join them. However you are able to join the servers by launching the console in the main menu by hitting F10 and typing in the Open IP command. Simply type the word "Open" followed by a space, and the IP of the server with the port you wish to join, and hit enter.

Thank you and enjoy the mod.

- Renegade X Development Team

============Previous Change Lists==============

============Renegade X v0.36 Patch=============

Name: Renegade X - 0.36 Patch.rar

Size: 183 MB

Date: 17/10/2009


This is the official Renegade X version 0.36 patch. This patch is developed for version 0.35 of the Renegade X open beta, and is intended to fix a handful of technical issues and balance fixes to improve the gameplay experiance. The following is a detailed list of all changes/fixes/additions in this patch.


- Fixed GDI Refinery displaying as Nod's Refinery

- Fixed Game not ending if the last nod building to be destroyed was the Airstrip

- Advanced Guard Tower and Obelisk have minimum attack range

- Obelisk rate of fire decreased

- AGT Machine Guns will continue to lock on and fire on an enemy for 2 seconds after they entered minimum attack range

- AGT Machine Gun minimum attack range increased

- AGT Machine Guns can no longer shoot through the AGT anymore

- Nod Turret rate of fire increased

- Nod Turret explosion momentum decreased

- Nod Turret damage radius decreased


- Added Hourglass map remake

- Blocked off areas to prevent players from jumping into the water on Islands

- Removed base 2 base attacking on Islands

- No longer able to jump on top of the refineries on Field


- Buggy, APCs, Humvee have increase turret rotation speed

- Doubled damage to infintry for Buggy, APCs, Humvee

- Harvester speed decreased

- Harvester mass increased

- All tank's maximum range decreased

- All tank shell projectiles velocity reduced

- All tank shell blast radius decreased

- Artillery's blast radius decreased

- Artillery now has light armour

- Mammoth Tank's missile turn acceleration decreased

- MRLS's missile turn acceleration decreased

- Stealth Tank's missile turn acceleration decreased

- Stealth Tank range decreased


- Repair guns now repair twice as fast

- All C4 type disarm time decreased

- All beacon disarm time decreased

- Proximity C4 damage decreased

- Proximity C4 no longer explode multiple times

- Shotgun's range decreased

- Personal Ion Cannon/Railgun range decreased

- Enhanced Personal Ion Cannon beam effect

- Increased Grenade Launcher's velocity

- Increased Grenade Launcher's blast radius

- Increased Rocket Launcher's blast radius

- Fixed Laser Rifle vehicle damage

- No longer able to throw two Remote C4s at rapid speed

- Remotes are no longer able to kill light armour vehicles with just one remote.

- Sniper Rifle damage increased

Server Client:

- Added Ping Column

- Added Server IP column

- Added Launch offline Mod button

- Added Mod Update check system


- Added Purchase Terminal 1-0 Hotkeys

- Added Vehicle Limit (Server Configuration)

- Added Mine Limit (Server Configuration)

- Returned to stock UT3 Menu

- Includes Jayrun's loading screen setup

- New Nod theme splash screen

- Removed Feign Death function

- Fixed a crash/runaway loop in Demos

- Fixed donation exploit

- Fixed vehicle reload exploit

- Replication optimization

- Configurations no longer reset

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