Dead Cities v1.2 Patch

This is a patch for Dead Cities, a modification for...

Dead Cities v1.2 Patch

This is a patch for Dead Cities, a modification for Battlefield 1942 including an easier installer and many other fixes all listed below!

Included within are the following:

- Scoreboard fixed!

- Parachute bug fixed!

- Easy installer!

- Many different weapon tweaks. No more "impotent weapons." Just about everything has been given a face lift.

- Wristbow does slightly more damage and fires quicker.

- Shotgun does slightly more damage per-pellet and fires quicker.

- Tec9 has been "de-whored" and has slightly less range, a wider cone of fire and does roughly the same damage as before. It also has only 2 clips, evening it out to the slower shotgun.

- The throwing knives are basically one hit kills.

- Molotov cocktails have been tweaked heavily and now cause less concussion effect and do a lot more vehicle damage.

- .357 and Desert Eagle both do substantial amounts of damage now and have been given to the "Doc" (medic) class. The Technician (engineer) classes now have berettas with 1 clip.

- Vehicle overhauls have been done as well.

- El Camino Tommy guns do a lot more damage against the planes.

- Caddy, El Camino, and Bomb Plane have slightly fewer hit points.

- The gyrocopter's molotovs do a lot more damage and are easier to aim. The gyrocopter also has a lot more health and is easier to land.

- Dunebuggy's spear guns are one hit kills and reload slightly faster with an improved arch of movement and faster turret movement.

- Ramtruck horn fixed. Now "fires" in short bursts, no "echoing."

- Various little art bugs have also been squashed. It's easier to see map locations now, and various HUD art has been fixed.

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