This is a new 32 player start Counter-Strike version of may...


This is a new 32 player start Counter-Strike version of may Rats2 map set in a kitchen.


Half-Life Map Spec Sheet


------General Information--------------------------------------------

Title : de_Rats2_2002

Release : Version 1

Date : 6th October 2002

Filename : de_rats2_2002.bsp

Author : Chris Spain

Email Address : [email protected]

Home page :

Description : CS map where the players are about 4 inches tall,

: set in a bathroom.

Previous Maps : Various Quake2, Quake and DOOM maps plus the Rats!

: maps and Edge of Darkness for Half-Life.

Credits/Thanks : Thanks to Swampbug for the concept of Rats.

------Play Information-----------------------------------------------

Counter-Strike : Bomb/Defusion - 32 starts defined.

The bomb target is a toy boat floating in the bath.

2002 Version notes:

I never actually created a Counter-Strike version of my Rats2 map,

although a hacked version called cs_rats2a was released by someone

else. I did include a CS version of the map in my de_RatsXL combined

map but never released it separately.

Whilst creating 32 player start versions of the other two Rats! maps

I thought I should really complete the set by releasing de_rats2 so

here it is.

I did do a little re-texturing work on the map but overall this map is

basically the same as the bathroom section of de_RatsXL.

NB: I was the author of all the Rats! maps, but the CS maps de_rats and

cs_rats2a were not released by me. These were conversions made by someone

else from ripped versions of the original maps.

------Map Information------------------------------------------------

New Textures : Quite a few - made by me.

New Sounds : None.


Base : From scratch.

Editor(s) used : WorldCraft 3.3

Compile Machine : PIII 800.

Compile time : Approx. 27 mins.

------Map Instructions-----------------------------------------------

Unzip the files in this archive. Place the map, "de_rats2_2002.bsp"

and the text file 'de_rats2_2002.txt' in your half-life/cstrike/maps


If you want to have the overviews working copy the "de_rats2_2002.bmp"

and associated "de_rats2_2002.txt" file into the overviews directory.


Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.

You MUST NOT distribute this level UNLESS you INCLUDE THIS FILE WITH

NO MODIFICATIONS!!!. If you don't co-operate, then DON'T DISTRIBUTE


This BSP may be distributed ONLY over the Internet and/or BBS systems.

You are NOT authorized to put this BSP on any CD or distribute it in

any way without my permission.

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