Will Rock v1.2 Patch [US English]

This is the U.S....

Will Rock v1.2 Patch [US English]

This is the U.S. version 1.2 patch for your wild first-person shooter, Will Rock. See more information for version details.

1.2 Patch additions:

- Improved multiplayer stability

- A beep when someone sends a multiplayer chat message

- Up to 6 players for coop (should only be used on higher-end machines with good processors and net connections, because framerate may suffer on lower-end machines)

- Added the ability to see ping when the game runs

- Added the ability to select all sublevels for coop

- In Single Player, levels are marked as passed and player can select any one of them as the starting point

- Switched off auto targeting for projectile weapons

1.2 patch fixes:

- Fixed a rare "cannot continue" bug in the final part of Medusa Level

Patch 1.1


- Dedicated server support (a shortcut exists in the Start menu to launch a dedicated server; the user will ONLY be able to create a game; when a level has been completed a new one will load automatically in 10 seconds)

- Chat functionality added to Multiplayer (2 shortcuts exist: send chat msg to everyone (F3), and send chat msg to team members only (F4))

- Toggle for blood on/off added to Game Options

- Auto-balance teams feature added to multiplayer games in treasure hunt mode

- Added in-game option to create a ubi.com account for new users (Register to play Online at ubi.com)


- Fixed Spear trap bug

- Researched Sound issues with AC'97 sound cards. If you experience crashes, unusual framerate slowdowns, improper volume control or other sound issues - try to unregister AC3AUDIO.AX filter doing "regsvr32 /u ac3audio.ax" and/or rename the file to ac3audio.ax.bak.

- Improved pathfinding for AI units

- Improved visibility issues in certain locations

- Improved multiplayer stability

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