Half-Life 2 - Human Error Mod v1.05

Half-life 2: Short Stories encompasses three, separate...

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  • Program by hlssmod.net

Half-Life 2 - Human Error Mod v1.05

Half-life 2: Short Stories encompasses three, separate episodic mods: Paradigm Decay, Human Error and Midnight Sun. The death of the Nihilanth threw the Xenian army into disarray, and the subsequent portal storms stranded many on Earth in the wake of Combine occupation. After once more having to endure existence beneath the totalitarian boot of their cosmic nemesis, they have searched for a way out.

Human error is the first episode where you are part of the human race and member of the Civil Protection and a story through a moral quagmire of thinly disguised genocide and raging psychotics within the Combine that must make the Xenians on Earth a living nightmare. You have at your disposal all the perks of the Combine empire. Step into the APC, equip your manhack and stand side-by-side with equally disgruntled traitors to the human race, Eloise, Noah and Larson.

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