Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Glenster's v0.4 Mission Select Save Games

Save games for each of the main missions, with EP vehicles...

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Glenster's v0.4 Mission Select Save Games

Save games for each of the main missions, with EP vehicles in garage, option for making the Tec9 as strong as a Minigun, building vehicles, weapons, Stamina, Muscle, and Lung Capacity Stats quickly.

$New and improved for June, 2008$


- Just extras changes in save game 0_InTheBe_GTASAsf1.b

- EP versions of the better sports cars and motorcycles in garages.

- EP Rhino in the Santa Maria garage, and an EP Seasparrow on the

Mulholland garage roof.

- C.J.'s weapons are Fist, Molotovs, a Minigun, a Sniper Rifle, an M4, an

SMG, a Combat Shotgun, a Desert Eagle, and a Bat.

- C.J. has a lot of ammo, several save places, Hitman for Pistol, Gangster for Machine Pistol,

- Increased few of his body Stats

- Has a little over $110,000.

$New and improved for April, 2008$


- Extra C.J.'s ammo for both initial and last save games in files 14, 30, 45, 59, 73, and 100 (usually where I thought someone might want to go on a run of shooting missions--after a school and before the territory takeover). There's more ammo available otherwise, too (see below).

- OrionSR and I deliberated on some new features to add to this edition--a special thanks to OrionSR for writing the Darkpactor code for it.

- Maximum Armor is increased by 100 (200 before the Vigilante mission and 250 afterward).

- The save disk in Madd Dogg's Crib has been moved to the northeast room of the upper floor so you can save your game there without triggering the basketball glitch.

License plates:

- Cheetah at Verdant Bluffs observatory: ORION SR

- Cheetah at Glen Park: GLENSTER

- Infernus at Spacey! in Market: SPACEEIN

- Turismo at the Fort Carson sign: ROB RUSK

- The interior of the dance club in each of the three main areas, and the roof of the Ten Green Bottles bar, have a Minigun, Heat-Seeking Rocket Launcher, M4, Combat Shotgun, and Desert Eagle.

The pickups for them, in those places and elsewhere, have more ammo:

- Minigun 2000 (fast respawn)

- Heat-Seeking Rocket Launcher 50 (fast respawn)

- M4 250

- Combat Shotgun 125

- Desert Eagle 100 (fast respawn)

-There are also a couple of the more personal gifts for girlfriends behind the bar inside each of the three dance clubs.

The dance clubs are indicated on your paper map by purple martini glass icons.

- Alhambra: the west side of the block of the "IDL" of "IDLEWOOD."

- Gaydar Station: the west side of the block

that's a couple blocks north of the "SH" of "HASHBURY."

- A club that isn't named, and the icon is

misplaced on the paper map--the biggest feature of the mural on the front is a woman's face: on the north side of the block of "OE" of "THE


The Ten Green Bottles bar is a couple blockswest and across the street from the Johnson house.

There are Armor, Health, and Adrenaline Pill pickups that respawn quickly at:

- the Verona Beach Pay N Spray

- Michelle's garage

- the Fort Carson Pay N Spray

- the Redsands East Pay N Spray

(The five cane pickups in southwest San Fierro, and seven pickups that aren't used in the game because they spawn in objects, etc., were deleted

to make room for the extra pickups.)

The Truth's crops appear and can be burned from the start of the game.

A Jetpack is available in each of the three main areas:

- by a tree in the alley behind the Johnson house

- on the south side of the Doherty garage

- in front of The Four Dragons casino

The Infrared Goggles will respawn.

An Andromada is parked by the southwest end of the Verdant Meadows runway.

The horizontal vent is open at Area 69.

Open interiors:

- Madd Dogg's Crib (north of the "AND" of "MULHOLLAND")

- Vagos Gang House (the north side of the

block that's east of the block of the Jefferson Hotel)

- Crack Den (northwest across two streets and a

railroad track from the Los Santos gym.)

- Zero's RC Shop (by the "C" of "GARCIA")

- The Pleasure Domes (under the south end of

the Gant Bridge; don't have C.J. exit through the

roof or the graphics will be messed up till he uses

another interior)

- City Planning Department (north of the "L" of "COME-A-LOT")

- Sindacco Abattoir (the northeast corner of the block of the bottom of the "EST" of "WHITEWOOD ESTATES")

Import vehicles that normally may appear at certain spawn points during the Import mission may be found at them throughout the game. On patched early save games, the vehicles disappear after the Import mission. On save games patched after the Import mission, the vehicles will appear in those spawn locations.

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