Jumping Jackflash

This deathmatch level features huge platforms floating out...

Jumping Jackflash

This deathmatch level features huge platforms floating out in space. If you fall off, you'll bounce back up. Offers good gameplay, definitely something different.

Hi this is Tom Winger speaking !

maybe you remember the great arka.bsp or and bentabase.bsp for quake 1

yeah, we had some great times ... anyway, This is the Jumping Jackflash.bsp !

For the whole family. Please give me some cool feedback. [email protected]

Have fun !



copy jackflash.pk3

into .../quake3/baseq3/

Start Quake

type "/map q3dmflash", add some bots,

phone yer friend and frag till year 3000.



Many players


Skill Level: made for "maan i'm fucking good ?!" to "damn, there's only me left to kill" players.



Thanks to the guys who made q3radiant. They did a great job it's kinda like 3D Studio light.

It's really fun to use. And thanx for the guys fragging in jumping jackflash.

see ya !

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