RecipeCenter Software is a professionally-designed...

  • Category Database
  • Size 8.1 MB
  • Program by Enggist & Grandjean Software


RecipeCenter Software is a professionally-designed electronic cookbook software program for Windows - with user-friendly features for recipe search, recipe resizing and recipe email exchange.

The RecipeCenter Software has the following features:

1. Recipe Importation in Meal Master Format: Users can now import recipes in Meal Master format version 8.0 or later (text file).

2. Spell Checker: Spell check your recipe ingredients, procedures, shopping list in the program with over 250,000 words in the database.

3. Nutrient Analysis: Calculates the nutrient values of your recipes.

4. Recipe Download: RecipeCenter Software can import any of our 100,000+ recipes on this site.

5. Recipe Sizing: Recalculates the quantity of ingredients needed according to your desired yield.

6. Recipe Card Printing: Print out recipes, with the option to attach pictures.

7. Recipe Exchange: Send recipes to your friends by email.

8. Create New Recipes: Compile your own recipe collection.

9. Shopping List: Print out your shopping lists based on recipes.

10. Export to Pocket Kitchen: Copy recipes from RCS and store them in your Pocket PC.

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