Sturmgrenadier Planetside Video

Are you looking for a new outfit in Planetside on the...

Sturmgrenadier Planetside Video

Are you looking for a new outfit in Planetside on the Emerald server? Check out Sturmgrenadier in action.

Long Description:

Sturmgrenadier ( ) is a haven for mature gamers who demand organization with their fun. We have a dedicated TeamSpeak server that can easily handle the stress of 100+ people in the same channel, extremely active forums, and a organized and structured Chain of Command that allows rank advancement for those who have the desire and ability to lead.

There are so many more benefits to being a member of Sturmgrenadier. For all the details and to become a member of our PlanetSide team, check us out at If you have any comments concerning this video, or questions about SG, check out our Planetside public forums at We are members of the New Conglomerate on the Emerald server.

This video was created by Draacco Grimm of Sturmgrenadier Planetside. It was put together with a lot of work and patience on the part of all members of SG. The zip file contains the movie itself, a readme file, and the codec you will need to view the movie. The codec is called XviD ( ). To install, simply run the file, agree to the license, and click install. The video will only work with Windows Media Player and is over six minutes long. We hope you will all enjoy watching this as much as we enjoyed making it.

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