Fallout 3 - Brurpo Alluring Body Enhancement -BABE- mod

Brurpo Alluring Body Enhancement -BABE- mod improves the...

Fallout 3 - Brurpo Alluring Body Enhancement -BABE- mod

Brurpo Alluring Body Enhancement -BABE- mod improves the appearance of the female character body with an improved torso as well as a customizable bra size. With this mod females will have a smoother and sexier feminine line to their body. Special Thanks for Brurpo a Fileplanet Founder's Club Subscriber for making this mod!

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Fileplanet Mods Pack v2.0


Note: A nude version for 18+ users and is available at

Brurpo -BABE- with Nude Mod


Click below for installa

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Luchaire is now working with me, he is doing all the texture work. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


### Introduction ###

BABE is a major release because many things has changed.

This mod will overwrite the fallout 3 default female body.

Raiders texture now shows up correctly.

This version has a higher poly count, so I do not recomend on low-end PCs.

If you are updating from a previous version you will need to update your archive invalidation (see installation)

### Installation ###

unpack the content of the zip folder inside your fallout 3 data folder.

if you do not have an ArchiveInvalidation file, create a text file with this name (ArchiveInvalidation), at your fallot 3 folder (not the DATA!!!) and put the following lines in it:













make sure you have binvalidateolderfiles is set to 1:

Go to your documents, my games, fallout 3, and open fallout.ini, press ctrl+f and find "binvalidateolderfiles", without quotes, if its equal to 0, change to 1.

### Terms of Use ###

This mod, including all files in it (meshes and textures) are IPs from me and Luchaire, so it's use is solely for personal use on the game, any reupload or edit of this files are FORBIDDEN without prior permision from me and Luchaire.

### Known Bugs ###

None for now

### Thanks ###

Luchaire for the amazing texture job!!

Luchaire and keelr82 for the name =D

Colourless for the tool to fix dismemberment

thanks Malo for the cloth tutorial, it helped a lot

Jaysus for being very helpfull at the forum!

Niftools team, for being so dedicated on their tools

Bethesda for the great game

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