Call of Duty - Revolt v1x Final

This is the final version of Revolt for Call of Duty...

  • Category First Person
  • Size 215.9 MB
  • Program by Revolt Team

Call of Duty - Revolt v1x Final

This is the final version of Revolt for Call of Duty. It's done, finished, and rock solid! This isn't an Alpha nor Beta, it's a final.


We addressed the following issues:

- New Resistance Soldier Array with added soldier skins (TWE RYAN and Chris P)

- Upper torso lock on random death

- Friendly's show on radar

- You will engage instead of Defect on hud

- Fixed M4 exploit

- raised Pistol R.O.F and balanced attribute equation

- Fixed Resistance Head LOD's

- Fixed Join Server Menu to show pings

- Added Merciless Menu button and Menu for enhanced server flexibility

- Added bloody hands fix

- Added heartbeat and grunt sound when impacted

- Added slow down drudge when impacted

- Optimized Campaign maps and removed several exploits of leaving the map's play areas

- Lowered smoke discharge on silencers to enhance performance and visibility

- Fixed Server side team balance script

- G3/M14 progressive balanced equation initiative

- Replace funky blue wall paper

- Added Stock_Stalingrad to the supported map list and much more....

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