Flesh Feast Demo

Nasat Island is an exclusive resort owned by Nutrition...

  • Category Survival
  • Size 20.4 MB
  • Program by Segasoft

Flesh Feast Demo

Nasat Island is an exclusive resort owned by Nutrition Applied Science and Technologies, Inc. (NASAT). It is said that once you experience the good life of the island, you will never want to leave. There's never been a problem on the island, until now.

First, rumors got out about inhabitants being brutally manhandled and ejected from the island for seemingly harmless fun. Then, an explosion in the island's main factory. Finally, madness as

people mysteriously die, only rise again with an insatiable hunger . . . for human flesh!

Who or what is responsible for this horror? How can these fiendish ghouls be stopped? And where, if anywhere, is safe? There are no easy answers, and no easy way off the island. You will have to fight hard,

and fight smart, or become food for the dead.

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