Eva-01 (Test Type) is the multipurpose humanoid fighting...


Eva-01 (Test Type) is the multipurpose humanoid fighting machine from the popular anime Neon Genesis Evangelion created by Gainax. (Custom weapon looks/ctf compliant)

Quake 2 Plugin Player Model

Release Date : 12 July 1998


Model Name : Eva-01

Default directory : quake2/baseq2/players/Eva-01

Author : Ionized Kit (a.k.a. [EVA]Rei III)

Email Address : cckit@cyberway.com.sg

ICQ No. : 4504480

Model description :

Eva-01 (Test Type) is the multipurpose humanoid fighting machine from the popular anime Neon Genesis Evangelion created by Gainax. It's an artificial being created as the ultimate weapons of Human by world's top scientists and engineers of Nerv in order to destroy Angels. Nerv uses about 14 years and unlimited fund to create Evas. These Evas function through a Cerebral Nerve link with their operators.

Normally, they draw on external power provided through umbilical cable to operate and when necessary, Evas can run by dry batteries. (This model uses internal power). All Evas are the clone of the Adam which is the Angel found in Antarctica in September, A.D.2000. Evangelions are said to be lacked of souls and they need pilots to supply soul to them. Are you qualified to become one of the pilots?

Other info :

This is my very first attempt to make a 3D character model. Being an anime freak, Eva-01 will be the perfect choice for a Quake 2 Plugin Player Model. I think I spent only about 2 weeks to create this model and at the same time learning the basics of 3D Studio Max. Sad to say, I've color blindness and I spent the same amount of time doing the skin. And I did a terrible job on the skin. If there are better skinners out there, please feel free the redo the skin.

Additional Credits to :

* The BodyShop


* Q2 PMP


Special Thanks to :

* My sister for being my "eyes".

* Peter, mop31646@mail.telepac.pt for showing the green stuff.

* [MOB]WoYaoSaSiNi for the time spent on beta testing.

* Gainax for making such a cool anime which gave me the idea for making this model.


* Play Information *

Sounds : No (I recommend copying the Rhino soundpak)

CTF Skins : Yes

VWEP Support : No

* Construction *

Poly Count : 690 tris.md2 / 52 weapon.md2

Vert Count : 376 tris.md2 / 35 weapon.md2

Skin Count : 1 DM, 2 CTF

Editor used :

Modeling - 3D Studio Max R2

Animation- 3D Studio Maz R2

Skining - Q2 Model Editor

Painting - Paint Shop Pro

* Copyright / Permissions *

QUAKE II(R) is registered trademarks of id Software, Inc.

Eva-01 is free for all, i.e. you can feel free to edit my model as you see fit, just be sure you've the courtesy to inform me and mention me in the readme file. Commercial TC/PC/mod's cannot use Fuel4.46 without my consent.

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