No One Lives Forever Lite Demo

This is a lite demo that includes just one sample level from...

  • Category First Person
  • Size 45.7 MB
  • Program by Monolith Productions

No One Lives Forever Lite Demo

This is a lite demo that includes just one sample level from the retail version of No One Lives Forever. The larger demo has two additional levels, plus a training level.

In order to keep the size of the demo as low as possible, Monolith was not able to include the full variety of voices and sounds which will be included in the full game. In addition, the small version of the demo does not include any music from the game, although the full version of the demo does contain music.

No One Lives Forever requires:

- Windows® 95/98/2000

- Direct X 7.0 or higher

- Pentium II 300 Mhz

- 64 MB RAM

- 8 MB 3D hardware accelerator card with Direct 3D support

- High color graphics (16-bit)

- Direct X compatible 16-bit sound card

- Mouse and Keyboard

- 56K modem or LAN for multiplayer

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