A Disgruntled Christmas

Recommended Players: 2-5 | A house decorated for Christmas...

A Disgruntled Christmas

Recommended Players: 2-5 | A house decorated for Christmas.

*** This map is for Half-Life ***

25th of December 1998


Title: A Disgruntled Christmas

Filename: xmas.bsp

Author: Paris "lookout" Miles age:16 I run http://www.halflife.org/hlrt/

Email Address: [email protected] (may change ISP soon though..)

Description: Some part of the base..... with um.... a celebration and stuff heheh

The tree is supposed to look like that.... I didn't want it "perfect" cus trees aren't .....

Additional Credits to: Rust for previous help with my mapping in Quake and Quake2. Valve

for making the kickass game I knew it would be. Valve for including

WorldCraft with the game, even though I had bought WC 1.6 before =D.

And all the people in #valve for their somewhat bittersweet feedback.



* Play Information *

Single Player: yeah.... its not really that though =D

Cooperative: No

Deathmatch: No

Difficulty Settings: No

New Sounds: No

New Graphics: No

New Music: No

* Construction *

Base: Scratch

Editor(s) used: WorldCraft 2.0

Known Bugs: ?

Construction time: ~3 hours, (most for crappy detail on tree)

Computer Used: P2-266, 64mb (DIMM's) Ram, 8 gig HD w/ 256 mb perm swap file,

Monster 3d Voodoo2 8MB, Windows 98.

Texture Wad used: None



xmas.bsp - [Map] goes in [HD]:\...\Half-life\valve\maps


© Copyright 1998 [email protected]

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