MTI Boxing

A simple boxing game for palm pilots...

MTI Boxing

A simple boxing game for palm pilots.

[Bug Fixes]

Version 2.0 Boxers are now robots. You can now change the aggressiveness

of the opponent.

MTI Boxing is a game in which you box against the pilot.

When you launch MTI Boxing, you may set your initials.


You will only be able to play two (2) rounds for each match.

The round time will always be 1-1/2 minutes.


You may select the number of rounds for each match choosing from

one (1) to ten (10).

You can change the number of minutes for each round.

You can change the number of rounds for the fight, click on the

popup trigger and choose a number from 1 to 10.

Each match will then consist of that many rounds.

You can set the number of minutes for each round by changing the

Round Time field. Remember, this is in actual minutes.

You will see your statistics of how many wins, losses and ties you have

achieved since you started playing the game.

Click the Menu key. Under the About menu is Boxer Movements. This will

give you the functions of each of the physical buttons depending on

which mode of the game you are playing.

One Player Against Pilot

DateBook Button = Jab

AddressBook Button = Block

ToDo Button = Block

Memo Button = Upper cut

Up Arrow = move forward.

Down Arrow = move backward.

You can change the aggressiveness of the opponent by clicking the Menu

button. Choose the opponent menu. Then select either Easy, Moderate or


When you are ready to start boxing, click the Start button.

As you box, the life indicator under each player will decrease as they

are hit by the opponent. If someones life indicator reaches zero they

will lose.

If no one loses by time the round is over, the player who hit their

opponent the most will win the round. Whoever wins the most rounds wins the match.

[Purchase Information]

the registration fee is $13.95.

Registered users will be updated by e-mail as updates are


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9720 West Main Street

Belleville, IL 62223

Telephone: 618-394-8915

Toll Free: 888-606-4647

Fax: 618-394-8915


E-Mail: [email protected]

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