Chrono Trigger 3D Demo

3D Chrono Trigger game....

Chrono Trigger 3D Demo

3D Chrono Trigger game.

Unofficial Chrono Trigger 2



Alpha Nine


You might be wondering why we're releasing Alpha 9

after Alpha 11. The fact is, with Alpha 11, we were

just about to make the transition over to DirectX 8,

and had to remove a lot of the features. Alpha 9,

which was the same build that was shown in the videos

available on the site, has 3D objects and the worldmap.

Alpha 9 requires DirectX 7 (Or is it 6? I forget). The

controls can be a bit clumsy, but keep in mind that

it's an alpha, therefore bugs are expected. Please do

not bring them to our attention; we already know.

Also, pressing F10 will take you back to a certain spot

in the forest. Use it if you get stuck somewhere.

Please enjoy this as a gesture of aplogy for suspending

the project.

Until this summer... We promise...

-UCT2 Team

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