Tread Marks Server Fix

This is to fix a server side bug...

  • Category Racing
  • Size 3.4 KB
  • Program by Longbow Digital Arts

Tread Marks Server Fix

This is to fix a server side bug. See more info to get a list if fixes with this patch.

Unzip this zip file into your Tread Marks base directory.

This zip file includes the following:

A bug in our localization code has been found that will cause servers (this

included both Dedicated Servers and machines running with Allow Joins

turned on) to crash when one of the follow events occurs during a network game:

1. A player changes teams

2. A player changes his name

3. A player changes his tank

4. A player changes his byte rate

This will also happen when a player joins a dedicated server that has team

play enabled (Caused by #1 above).

The fix is to replace a text file with one that skips some text that would

normally be added by the executable at run-time. Doing this will keep the

software from crashing, but also means that the players names will be

replaced with the string

. The file located at:


We realize this is a far from perfect, and have a code change in testing

now that fixes the problem. We will be releasing a patch in the near future

to correct the problem.

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