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Full version features over fifty missions, digitized speech, air support missions, over twenty weapons, and more!



I. System Requirements.

EARTHSIGE II requires Windows 95 and Direct Draw (DirectX)

to run.

This demo is optimized for performance on a Pentium based

machine with at least 16 megabytes of RAM. The minimum

supported machine is a 486/66MHz with Localbus, SVGA, mouse,

and eight megabytes of RAM.

If you are running this demo on a non-pentium machine, you

may find better results if you run in 320X200 resolution.

See the section on "Launching the Demo" for further



II. Installation

For this demo to work you MUST first decompress the files.

Copy all of the Demo files to an empty directory on

your hard disk and run:



III. Notes about Direct Draw

If your machine does not have the Direct Draw (DirectX) drivers

installed, you will need to download them seperately. The

EARTHSIEGE 2 demo will not run without DirectX installed.

The demo will launch in a window by default. You can click

on the maximize button inside the upper right hand corner of

the game window to switch to full screen mode. Not all video

cards support direct draw's full screen mode. If you experience

problems in full screen mode, press the "Alt" and "Enter" keys

at the same time to switch back to windowed mode.


IV. Launching the demo

To run the demo, either type "ES" in a DOS box, or double-

click on the ES icon in Explorer.

You can run at 320X200 resolution by adding a " -v0"

(space, minus sign, lowercase 'v' and numerical zero) after

"ES" in a DOS box. Your command line would look like

this: ES -v0




If you wish to use a joystick, you must first calibrate it in

the Win '95 control panel. You will only have to do this once.

Joystick or numberpad keys = steering, forward, reverse

T = Auto target tracking- moves turret automatically


J K = Turret movement


Backspace = Auto centers turret

ENTER = selects target

Joystick trigger or SPACEBAR = Fire

V toggle inside / outside view

TAB toggle herc / camera control in outside view

] Increase shields to back

[ shields to front

1-9 select weapon

CTRL-Q Quit Earthsiege 2 demo


VI. Full Version Features:

-50 Combat missions

-Digitized voice (speechpack) included

-Optional close air support (flying) missions

-Over 25 weapons to choose from

-10 configureable Herc chassis

-Multiple terrains including Urban Ruins, Artic, and Volcanic.

-Lunar missions

-Day/night missions

-CD Quality soundtrack (Redbook Audio)

-Live action video sequences

-Customizeable user interface

-And a whole lot more!


Call Sierra at 1-800-757-7707

For more information:

America Online: Keyword: Sierra

Compuserve: GO SIERRA

WWW: www.sierra.com

Copyright (C) Sierra, Inc 1996. EarthSiege is a registered trademark

of Sierra On-Line.