Deer Hunter 2003 v1.23 Patch

This Deer Hunter 2003: Legenddary Hunting patch will update...

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Deer Hunter 2003 v1.23 Patch

This Deer Hunter 2003: Legenddary Hunting patch will update your installation to Version 1.23. See more information for full details.

Changes in version 1.23 Back to Top

Exception fault where client left/was kicked from multiplayer game is resolved. (common)

Exception fault where client attempts to join multiplayer game is resolved. (common)

Exception fault on deer terrain query resolved. (rare)

Exception fault on combination of cheating with invalid player position resolved. (rare)

Exception fault on animation data resolved. (rare)

Exception fault on animation fade 'divide by zero' resolved. (very rare)

Memory leaks were resolved in map load, sound, entity, and terrain code.

All weapons now display the correct textures in third person view.

Light values increased 30% overall.

Lighting issues with truck and ATV models are resolved.

Sun flare object no longer shows up through background mountains.

Brightness value overlay no longer shows up through background mountains.

Brightness value overlay damped down 50% in both view and intensity.

Clipping issue with player hands and gun vs. terrain in laydown mode is resolved.

Clipping issues with too-small bounding boxes on all deer models were resolved.

Deer antler LODs now match with deer model LODs.

Deer no longer 'jitter' along the ground (was most noticeable in dead deer).

Shading on the whitetail buck model is now consistent between LODs.

Unused transparency shader flags were removed from mule deer buck, doe, and fawn.

Scarlet oak winter tree texture was altered to fix odd holes in the bark.

Weather sky spheres had their LOD increased to prevent them from clipping out in certain maps.

Base deer AI files for demon deer and albino deer were added.

Deer no longer stop every time the player calls (takes spook factor into account now).

Deer paths in BC reworked to prevent a situation where deer were extremely easy to kill off.

Deer paths in all maps containing deer were reworked to prevent underwater deer.

Two deer spawning zones in BC were moved to prevent underground deer.

Player view (1st, 3rd person) is now stored before entering land vehicle and restored after exiting.

Bug with incorrect camera position in first person truck view is resolved.

All weapons are now automatically unloaded and reloaded when entering and exiting a vehicle.

Weapons can no longer be reloaded while in a vehicle.

All maps have been altered to prevent ambient animals from going underwater.

All maps have water planes using directional lights properly now.

All maps now have simple reflection maps added to water planes.

All maps have mountain skybox textures reworked.

All maps have fog levels adjusted.

Alabama had two level of detail 'popping' tree clusters fixed.

Alabama, BC, California, Iowa, Quebec, Wyoming now have octagonal mountain ranges.

BC, California, and Wyoming maps had large bushes altered to be noncollidable.

Demon deer and albino deer are now present in some maps.

Most maps had the sun flare object reworked and also had an additional glare added.

Rifle signs, range signs, targets, and oil drums in Target Range had their LOD and lighting fixed.

Target range archery targets are now collidable and shootable.

Target range scoring statistics have been fixed.

Target range terrain LOD levels were altered to prevent some targets from being obscured.

ATV and truck can now move through water up to 0.6 m deep, snowmobile 0.3 m deep.

Skill deletion bug has been fixed.

Cheat codes no longer work in multiplayer.

Multiplayer screen has GameSpy, not LAN, for the default sorting type for servers.

Multiplayer screen now only displays servers of latest game version.

Multiplayer screen now allows clients to correctly join passworded servers (hides menus now.)

Hunter statistic for time spent in game is now displayed correctly.

Hunter statistic for number of lost deer is now correctly stored during a hunt.

Hunter statistics no longer include small game (squirrels, rabbits, etc.) in mule deer statistics.

Choose Hunter screen now shows all the correct hunter models, including custom models, now.

Models in Choose Hunter are no longer affected by time of day in last hunt.

Choose Map screen timescale is now limited to 1:20 maximum (from 1:100).

Inventory screen now correctly displays custom textures in Create-A-Gun mode.

VCR replay menu list box now properly lists all replay files; up/down buttons now function.

VCR replay menu had temp art removed and replaced with final art.

VCR replay menu now has a delete button for removing old recordings.

Deleting the first deer in a hunt in Trophy Room no longer shows garbage info for the next deer.

Trophy Room now displays versioning info for deer (1.07 is gold version, 1.23 is current version.)

Trophy Room now displays game type info (Hunt Now/Hunting Trip/Hunt Online.)

Trophy Room now displays Typ/NT (typical or nontypical) for each buck's rack.

Trophy Room now correctly displays hunter skill level (Easy, Medium, Hard.)

Trophy Room now has correct tooltips.

Trophy Room now displays all percentage data correctly.

Trophy Room trophies are no longer affected by time of day in last hunt.

Trophy Room now shows extra fractions of inches on buck antler scores.

(NOTE: Exported trophies will need to be re-exported to show extra fractions on scores, if any.)

Trophy Room now displays red text for custom user maps, and white for Sunstorm maps.

Trophy Room / Hunter Statistics now have information consistent between the two screens.

Trophy Room now displays three different Full Body poses for each deer type.

Trophies in Record Room now properly display Mule deer.

Trophies in Record Room are now centered on their bases.

Trophies in Record Room collected at 12 AM, real time, now display with correct time.

Trophy files are now automatically encrypted.

Game HUD has a completely reworked compass and wind indicator for better visibility.

Game HUD now displays very basic information on hitting a target in the Target Range.

'Back Pack' text is no longer truncated on the game's HUD.

There is now a ten meter limit for picking up killed deer.

Options/Graphics no longer allow 'Graphics API' to be changed during a game session.

Options/Controls now allow mouse buttons and mouse wheel to be bound.

Options/Controls/View now includes a bindable Talk key (T) for multiplayer.

Persistent symbol 'gam_bShowCreditsScreens' added, allowing for quick game exit.

Splash screen art has been cleaned up, and version number added.

Multiplayer now displays console/talk messages in main HUD view.

Failure to connect to a valid server in multiplayer now displays very basic diagnostic messages.


Exception faulting issue when no network object was present is resolved. (common)


Exception fault during editor shutdown after a world gets loaded is resolved. (common)

Skybox mountain fog levels can now be set.

A bug preventing trees from being displayed has been resolved.

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