Allows Windows users an easy way to clean their surfing and...

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Allows Windows users an easy way to clean their surfing and PC activities. Also alerts user and disables many popular spy ware packages. Free limited version.

Block "spy" software from tracking and logging your activities online.

Permanently erase the digital foot prints left behind when you surf the Internet.

Permanently erase potentially embarrassing files downloaded to your computer.

Scans for viruses and trojans that many anti-virus programs miss

Protect your privacy. No installation required - simply download and use.

Extra features:

- Detect snooping software like KeyKey, Spector, SubSeven trojan, Bigbrother, savekeys...

-, Remove "Adware" like Aureate,Conducent Cydoor, TopText, Gator,

- manage the list of automatically starting program.

- Secure file shredder

- Lotsa other options

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