Fallout 3 - High Definition Texture Pack

This is a compilation of Fallout 3 High Definition Textures

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  • Size 398.8 MB
  • Program by Various Authors

Fallout 3 - High Definition Texture Pack

This is a compilation of Fallout 3 High Definition Textures that will improved the aprearance of the game with no drop in performance and maintain the original look of the game.

Texture packs includes work from MathieuG89, Mimezu, thecaptianhere, The a Burns, dDefinder1, sugarrape, Dj Paragon, CptJoker, AleksMarch, and many more great improvements by various artist.

This pack requires a pwerful computer which can handle everything on ultra-high is recommended. Otherwise you will experience studdering since the images of the textures are now twice as large.


Navigate to "C:UsersUsernameDocumentsMy GamesFallout3" (or equivalent on XP)

Open Fallout 3.ini

Find the line "bInvalidateOlderFiles=0" and change the 0 into a 1


Now navigate to the fallout 3 install directory and copy the contents of this torrent and overwrite if prompted.

NOTE: Many authors were omitted from their great work. I notice some of the mods but cannot list all of them. If you are left off the list please feel free to email at [email protected] to get your due credit. I didn't create this pack and can't install them all to check them. U do notice some of the names from testing. - Ricecrispi

Mimezu Textures Project by Mimezu

Beer Kronenbourg and various clutter by Dj Paragon

Various Weapons by DJ Paragon

Better Booze by CptJoker

Female Texture Mod thesaptianhere

Enhanced blood Textures by dDefinder1

Hi-res Weapons v3 by The a Burns

AleksMarch Body Replaced by AleksMarch_FemaleBodyReplacer

Ghouls by MathieuG89

Naouak Female Body by Naouak

Happy gaming!

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