Epic 2.0

Epic is a mod almost exactly like Excessive, except it give...

  • Category First Person
  • Size 838.5 KB
  • Program by Tricky Ninja

Epic 2.0

Epic is a mod almost exactly like Excessive, except it give admins the ability to set starting weapons, ammo, projectile speed, and firing rate. It also includes a grappling hook that can be disabled with cvars.

Epic is a more admin configurable version of the popular Excessive Mod for Quake 3. This version solves the Gauntlet problem allowing players to utilize the Gauntlet, the Lightning gun knockback problem allowing users to experience knockback from the LG, adds a MOTD feature allowing admins to have a custom Message of the day, And adds some new types of weapon firing such as Railgun trails from the Rocket launcher, and Railgun Splash damage.

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