Doom 64 Map Pack

"Watch your Step", "Dark Citadel" and "Even Simpler" from...

Doom 64 Map Pack

"Watch your Step", "Dark Citadel" and "Even Simpler" from Doom 64 rebuild for Quake 3. "Watch your Step" WORKS NOW !!!

I've rebuild levels 17, 13 and 9 from Doom 64. My first plan was to make a Doom 64 MOD for Q3, but since I have no idea how to do that i decided to just make a few levels. The bots play them well, espacially level 13 "Dark Citadel". "Watch your Step" and "Even Simpler" make great 1vs1 maps. It was a real nightmare to copy them off the TV screen to say the least, but I made it. All 3 of them are almost perfectly identical to the originals. I have no plans yet to rebuild other Doom 64 levels, I'll let the community decide if these 3 are good enough for it. Level-17 had an error in it...I fixed it and it works perfectly now.

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