Infiltration v.2.9 Game Files Only

Here is the latest Version 2.9 of Infiltration, the military...

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  • Program by Sentry Studios

Infiltration v.2.9 Game Files Only

Here is the latest Version 2.9 of Infiltration, the military modification for Unreal Tournament. This package contains the game files only without maps.

Features List:

Two new game modes designed around an Enhanced Assault (EAS) system that is based on goals grouped into objectives. The system uses an attacking and defending team, with a multitude of mission styles that can be very dynamic and extremely customizable for level designers.

EAS (Enhanced Assault) game mode

The 2.9 map pack focuses more on capturing a CD from a laptop, but the system is capable of including a lot of other goals/objectives depending on what the level designer sets up.

Specialist game mode

One player is selected as a "Specialist" and is the only one able to accomplish specific/certain mission objectives. In the case of capture goals, the Specialist is still able to pass (or drop if killed) the captured item to other players who may then extract with it.

Sniper Class! This dynamic class can be placed by a mapper near the spawn of a team to keep the opposing team from spawn camping (i.e. it shoots at them with pre-determined weapon settings, including warning shots, among other capabilities.) The uses for this class are numerous, as this is only one small, but powerful example.

A general time limit overrides any map-specific time limit that may be in place. Using this feature, you can also override the time limits of standard UT Assault maps. Additionally, you can now assign and save team/camo and time limits to each individual map.

OverTime. Essentially, if a time limit is applied to a map, this feature can be set up to reduce the number of defender respawns available. But when the "overtime" value is reached, defenders are "reinforced", getting additional opportunities to respawn. This gives the attackers a better chance to succeed/accomplish their mission with a time limit, while forcing defenders to use each life wisely.

Wave Respawns.

Music added for the end of a round, depending on if you win or lose, only in EAS.

An air strike is introduced that can be placed in maps by the level designer. Effects can include f16s dropping bombs and UH-60s making strafing runs.

Basic compass

Waypoints show where the current objective is. (i.e where the CD is or where it needs to be taken for extraction). System available for both attacking and defending teams.

Location Ids displayed in your HUD under the compass

About 20 maps that use the new game modes.

New weapons and weapon features

Minimi belt-fed machine gun, also capable of utilizing M16 magazines.

M1S90 semi-automatic shotgun with flashlight attachment. This will replace our current M3S90 shotgun.

Mk23 SOCOM pistol with a flashlight/LAM and suppressor attachment.

FA MAS ACOG and suppressor attachments

New FA MAS skin

New P90 skin

New black KaBar skin


Placed using the Quick Action Equipment menu

Is detonated by using the Quick Action menu or Quick Action key (if set)

Can be disarmed, picked up, and used by an enemy

Can be used with trip wires

New Scope behavior. Scopes are now divided into 3 separately moving parts

Increased zoom for ACOG scopes

Robar RC50 now has auto and manual modes for cycling the bolt

Robar inflicts pain and causes you to drop it when shot from the hip

Projectile specific ricochet based on projectile type, angle to the wall and the material that was hit defined by the textures used

Projectile specific hit effects based on projectile type and the material that was hit defined by the textures used. Showing different impact marks, sizes, sounds, and impact effects

Medium weight weapons (two-handed) cannot be aimed while sprinting (SMGs, Assault Rifles and the Grenade Launcher)

Heavy weapons cannot be aimed while jogging and sprinting (Sniper Rifles and Minimi)

M2HB has to be reloaded manually

40mm grenade arming range increased

New and totally redone 3rd person muzzle flashes

New more accurate ballistics system

Totally new weapon bob

Grenades now have firing modes

Pressing the weapon selector button gives you the choice between High, Low, and normal

No imposed limit while loading up on ammunition, aside from additional bulk responsibility

Position/movement based recoil and aiming steadyness

Weapon momentum (only for Minimi and scopes)

Turning speed based on position, movement, and weapon bulk

Reduced weapon collision for specific movements

Ability to drop carried objective items (i.e. CD) via QA Equipment menu (EAS game mode only)

Weapons, ammo and pickups are now adjusted to the terrain if dropped

Character's left eye closes when controlled breathing and aiming (only on new face skins (white5, arab1)).

Armor available

Kevlar Helmet

Armor Vests

Level II

Level IIIa

Headgear and Balaclava are now equipment items obtained within the loadout menu.

The menu system has been completely redone from scratch. The configuration menus are much easier to understand and get around in. Some of the menus will only appear if the Advanced Menus option is enabled, which keeps things as simple as possible for newer players.

All new web admin

New ability to create and apply pre-saved Template configurations to the server

History of the last Players connected to the server

New console with Timestamps

Bots have a bit more human-like weapon handling and aiming abilities, depending on skill set.

Bots now switch between weapon modes (Semi/Burst/Auto) in higher skill levels regarding their distance to the enemy

Running death; If you die while running, your character will take a few more steps before falling using new developed special animations.

New player attachments added: Weapons are now slung over your shoulder, slung in front of your chest, holstered at hip and holstered at your thigh.

Backpack added automatically if a specific bulk value has been reached. Standard model doesn't carry one anymore.

A total of 48 camouflage options from 20 different countries.

All 48 camos have a version for the specialist player to help other players identify who is the specialist.

Damage now reduces your stamina and ability to carry more bulk. General health bar was removed.

"Man Down" or "Tango Down" voice messages replace the " Is Out" screen message and is only sent if you or a team member actually sees the player/bot die.

Footstep sounds now change volume and pitch based on movement mode and speed.

Added new pain and death sounds.

New stamina/bulk behavior and values

Seperate sprint and toggle walk/jog key. Holding the sprint key lets the player run forward automatically.

And many, many more bug fixes and features...

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