Airbus A320 My Travel

Airbus A320 in My Travel livery....

Airbus A320 My Travel

Airbus A320 in My Travel livery.

My Travel Scandinavia FSPainter Airbus A320


Repaint of FSPainter's AI Airbus A320 Model into MyTravel Scandinavia's (ex Premiair) full scheme.

The repaint includes the model, so no seperate download is required.

The aircraft is pretty low on detail and built for use as AI-traffic, also the flight model may not

be suitable for flying, but i can't prevent you from trying. :)

The repaint included is almost 100% photorealistic, with a photorealistic fuselage, tail,

engine nacelles, engine fan blades, wing and vertical stabiliser.

A custom lightmap (night texture)

is included, and it is not suggested you use an other one with it.



Simply copy the folder "FSP A320" to your FS2002 Aircraft folder as it is.



You are free to upload this repaint to your site -with my permission-. Just for the reason being

i want to know where my files are being distributed.

At no means do i want to see this file at!

Repaint by Antti Salo

[email protected]

MSN messenger- [email protected]

ICQ- 91012192

AIM- banoxi

Model by FSPainter

Mail- [email protected]


Copyright 2003

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