Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Enhanced Blood Textures Mod v1.1

This modification for Skyrim improves the existing default...

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Enhanced Blood Textures Mod v1.1

This modification for Skyrim improves the existing default blood textures for map placed blood decals. The resolution is increased form 512 to 2048, and there is new screen blood textures to have more of a splatter appearance.

Read more below for more information and installation instructions.

Improved blood texture detail and increased resolution from 512 to 2048. New screen blood textures to have more of a splatter appearance rather than a dot. Main plugin will adjust screen blood's size, opacity, duration, and amount. Including longer blood on weapons.

Optional files:

No Screen Blood

Blur screen blood

Old Splatter Textures

Screen Blood Tweaking (ESPS)

Textures still undergoing changes.


Current Version Changes



-Separated blood splatters from hits and those hand placed in the world

-New hit splatter texture

-New hit wound texture


-Attempt to increased blood splatter chance by adding impact data to body parts of npcs and creatures that had none set. (Will still have random skew or transparency)

-Increased blood splatter size from hits

-Increased wound size

-Added optional file: Detailed Screen Blood Reduced

-Up-res and shaping of default wound texture (No unique wound textures for each weapon type yet)





"Extract" data folder into your Skyrim directory.


Yes to replace


-Open the Skyrim launcher

-Click on data files

-Check "dD - Enhanced Blood Main"


Not required but it will make decals last longer


...\Documents\My Games\Skyrim

-Open Skyrim.ini

-Find [Display] and added this line below it:



-Open SkyrimPrefs.ini

-Find iMaxDecalsPerFrame=

-Change the number to 999




Optional Files


Other Optional files are found as optional downloads in the download page. Main download should be installed first then optional.

To Use vanilla screen blood:

Go to






--No "data files" option in the launcher--

Open SkyrimPrefs.ini. File can be found in:

...\Documents\My Games\Skyrim

Find [Launcher] and add this line below it:


--No blood after fights--

Currently there is a small chance of blood appearing during combat and it will have random skew and transparency. That's how the game treats blood as of right now, until the CK is released. Try repeatedly hitting dead bodies and see if it works. If it doesn't then you may need to check "Load Loose files"

--Textures are the same or don't work--

You may need to check "Load Loose Files" in the data files menu in the launcher.

To check if the textures are replaced. Go to Halted Stream Camp northwest of the Whitewatch and look at the bloodstains in the middle of the camp and see if it's different.

--Make the game more bloody/gore--

Wait until the Creation Kit is out.

--Basic things that are possible to fix when Creation Kit is out---

-By default blood indoors is brighter than outdoors. Shouldn't be like that

-To have different sets of blood textures for dragon wounds, hit splatters, and old blood. Currently they all share. (Limited with the current tools can't create new texture sets)

-Different wound textures depending on weapon

-New blood on weapon textures

-Hit splatters appear with every hit with no random skew and transparency

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