Rogue Spear v2.04

Upgrades Rogue Spear to version 2.04...

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  • Program by Red Storm Entertainment

Rogue Spear v2.04

Upgrades Rogue Spear to version 2.04. See "more info" for a nice long list of new features and fixes.


-Found and eliminated some bandwidth hogs in multiplayer.

-Fixed the pink areas and bad text on Permedia 2 cards.

-Fixed the crash when playing back a replay that was recorded with AutoRun turned on.

-Fixed a potential lockup if a player jumps off a ledge while AIs are following.

-The "Invert" option on the joystick remapping screen should work correctly now.

-Fixed auto-aim being turned on when the player attempts to switch teams during the early stages of a death motion.

-Players who join while a game is ongoing no longer send their armpatches immediately but rather wait for the next game to start. This fixes the problem of players joining during the action causing a lag for everyone.

-Added a new multiplayer only map called "Bunkers".

-Fixed the short freeze that occurred when selecting "Mission Orders" from the briefing screen.

-Replaced "Ready To Continue" messages on multiplayer results screens with ready indicator in player list.

-Server can force the game to continue past the results screen after a multiplayer game instead of waiting for all players to click continue by pressing the forward arrow a second time.

-Disable the observer mode key when running a replay.

-Kick out terrorists in terrorist hunt / lone wolf farther if they are in the same room as the insertion zone / base. If they are in a different room, they can be anywhere. This reduces the incidents of terrorists starting off right in the team's face.

-Adjusted which weapon skill was used at what zooms. Full submachinegun zoom now uses full assault skill, instead of using a bit of sniper skill.

-AIs will now call "Clear!" once they have cleared a room.

-Changed the Steyr AUG to use the rifle reticule to stop confusing players.

-Removed the intermediate zoom level on the G36K.

-Changed the "if you are zoomed, you can only walk" to be "if you are zoomed more than an MP-5 can zoom, you can only walk". This is 3X.

-Loosened some of the server-side gunshot validation checks to lessen the penalties for high-ping players.

-Improvements to the camera code to eliminate some cases of the camera being outside of the world after dying.

-Added support for Creative's EAX.DLL so more players can get EAX effects.

-Improved the support for foreign keyboards in the remapping screen by detecting keys that are in a different location from a US keyboard.

-The forced time delay between trigger pulls is no longer increased if you are wounded.

-Character scaling in the X and Z directions is now capped between 0.1 and 1.0 to avoid a cheat that allowed players to run faster than they should.

-The Rommel.CXP file now goes through the mod system properly so it can be edited as part of a mod.

-Fixed some bad character models in the Train Yard Lone Wolf and Terrorist Hunt missions.

-Changed default player selection on multiplayer results screens to be local player instead of first player.

-Updated formatting and contents of multiplayer RSResults*.log files.

-Added an option to RSConfig to force fullscreen and run DXDiag. Added some system information.

-Reduced problems with flashing during loading sequences.

-Loading screens will continue to animate while waiting for others to finish their loads instead of stopping the animation and appearing to freeze the system.

-Multiplayer games will not start in cooperative multiplay until all active and observer players have finished loading.

-Disconnecting users in a multiplayer game will no longer alert terrorists with a death noise.

-Server locks the game temporarily during the countdown sequence to prevent other users from joining and halting the game start.

-Fixed a number of problems with text being truncated or cut off improperly.

-Custom armpatches no longer show up on some terrorists in multiplayer terrorist hunt missions.

-Fixed problem with some characters causing the truncation of the rest of the string (most common with higher ascii, accented characters).

-Ten lines of chat are now allowed.

-Chat will now wrap if it is longer than the width of the screen.

-Eliminated "ghost" Rogue Spear task on taskbar when you quit game.

-Fixed the body armor assigned to certain terrorists.

-Made some cosmetic adjustments to the rangefinder portion of the binocular reticule.

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