Half-Life Dedicated Server v3.1.1.1d Beta Update [Linux]

This is the Half-Life Linux dedicated server beta...

Half-Life Dedicated Server v3.1.1.1d Beta Update [Linux]

This is the Half-Life Linux dedicated server beta update, incorporating serveral fixes for Half-Life, HLTV, DMC and Counter-Strike.

Here's the change list for the "d" release:


Added bot count to "details" server query reply.

Flipped anti-DoS logic to check per user and then global rate limits. Changed it so users exceeding personal rates don't add into the global rate calculations.

Performed optimizations on engine to improve performance.

Linux: Added "-pidfile " argument to hlds to get it to write the pid of the dedicated server process to the file specified.

Linux: Improved "-debug" command to look for core. files.

Linux: hlds echoes to the controlling tty rather than stdout (solves redirecting output no longer showing key presses).

HLTV: Changed "status" output, more info displayed.

HLTV: Added cvar "maxloss", default 0.05, if packet loss exceeds this threshold, new spectators are rejected.

HLTV: Zero delay possible for direct broadcasts without game buffering ("delay 0").

Bug Fixes

Fixed format string crash bug in logging.

Fixed infinite loop due to malformed infostring.

HLTV: Fixed system timer problem.

HLTV: Fixed missing end in HLTV demos.

HLTV: Fixed missing director commands with "playdemo" in HLTV console.


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