Unreal Tournament 3 - Bombing Run Mod

This resubmit (v 3.0 final) is the best and most...

Unreal Tournament 3 - Bombing Run Mod

This resubmit (v 3.0 final) is the best and most configurable bombing run ever seen. Some of the new features are:

Dynamic Bot Pathing and AI

Revamped scoreboard

In-game mod settings screen

Fully configurable for all style of BR game play

Custom goal design ability

Support for powernode objectives

Support for vehicles, moving goals/orb bases

Superb bot AI that rivals human players

Many more features can be found in our documentation!

10 maps included

Make Something Unreal Submission:

- MSU Phase 3:Best FPS Game Mod

Changes for BombingRun beta 2.17

Added console command 'brsettings' to bring up settings screen. (added as a temp fix until epic menu bug is fixed)

Added description property to UTBRPathNodes and changed some tooltips

Corrected game type picture setting in default br ini

Changes for BombingRun beta 2.16

Added goal property DisableLobbingBallAway to stop bots from lobbing ball away from home base

Changes for BombingRun beta 2.15

Fix to allow goals to be moveable

Fix to stop editor warning on goal lighting

Changes for BombingRun beta 2.14

Added settings screen.

NOTE: Non first time users must first start game and then exit UT before new screen will appear

Access by:

-Main Menu > Settings > Mod Settings

-Instant Action > Settings > Mod Settings

-In game Mid Game Menu > Settings > Mod Settings

Settings screen can be used by Admin during Online play.

Most settings changes are reflected in game immediately without restarting game.

Ball carrier rings now visible to carrier when they are in third person view in a vehicle

Fixed ball launcher changing team color when going on and off hoverboard

Fixed power nodes not allowing vehicles and playerstarts to be team controlled

Bots forward dodge now when usig dynamic pathing

Minor path fixes

Changes for BombingRun Beta 2.13

Compatibility upgrade to UT3 patch 2.0

Some minor console command changes

Allow scoreboard to be toggled during map switch

Fix to hopefully stop scoreboard getting stuck on screen after map switch

Fix announcer problem where it would falsely say "takes the lead"

Fixed bot skill description not showing on scoreboard in online play

Misc pathing fixes

Bots forward dodge into walls less now

Changes for BombingRun Beta 2.12

Fixed minimap settings not being read from per map setup

Removed bot debug messages

Changes for BombingRun Beta 2.11

Bots will no longer seek ball if carrying a deployable (must use deployable first)

Fixed bugs for instagib gun sometimes not working, and sometimes auto firing, by

removing the weapon crosshair fix from prior version. Crosshair problem apparently was being

triggered by another mutator so crosshair fix not needed.

Changes for BombingRun Beta 2.1

Minor pathing fixes

Scoreboard no longer display NOT READY after game started

Added bot skill description to scoreboard

Fixed end game pic bug for one on one match where if winner died, the pic would not go to the other player

Changes for BombingRun Beta 2.0

Misc bot pathing fixes and improvements

Make bots not kill for about two seconds after spawning due to community complaint

about their unbalanced killing ability after spawning.

Spectate command available online for admins

Bot ball deflecting ability toned down and made more humanlike

When only one player is online and votes, map time remaining is reduced

Fixed ut3 issue wherein weapon crosshairs sometimes disappear after respawning

Fixed bug where sometimes when dying after shooting ball at goal, score would not register

Fixed bug where player positions would be wrong in the end game pic

Stopped first person weapon mesh from showing in end game pic if winner was jumping

Bots will not reset ball on open maps where ball base or enemy goal is in plain view

but rather lob it away

Bots now calculate ball lob distance and height to make sure they don't

overshoot goal or accidentally score, and to make sure lob path isn't blocked too soon

When lobbing ball, bots will attempt to shoot ball through doors and holes if that gives a better lob distance

Bots now seek to avoid blockages when lobbing ball

Bots will generally not lob ball into global kill zone

Bots will generally not lob ball out of path network

Disallow carrying ball and deployables at same time

Bots not allowed to path to their home goal jump pad because jumping on it into home goal kills them

Bots are now better at resetting ball in tight places like Twin Tombs

If ball reset action fails, bot will not try again immediately

Bots no longer kill themselves when resetting ball and chasing ball into kill zone

Can now boost ball into goal for score if ball is sitting on floor after being shot from ball launcher

When doing a jumping goal shot, bots used to wait for the apex of multi jump, but

will now shoot whenever they think the ball can reach goal

Optimized blockage detection to be much less heavy on computer's processor

Bots no longer jump at objective if it doesn't look like jumping can reach it

Bots use walking more and jumping less when pathing is failing. Bots try to calculate when jumping is needed.

Stopped bots from trying to jump up to a ledge to get to a high goal when the goal

wasn't reachable from the ledge, or if can reach goal from floor.

Bots no longer bounce high up off ball when landing on ball in low gravity

Fixed bot gun shaking when jumping and smoothed out bot rotation when turning to new target

Bots now attack any enemy when jumping, not just ball runner

New Smart Retasking feature which allows bots to adjust their task at any time

without disrupting what they are currently doing.

Bot response to changes in situation much faster now.

Put a stop on calling Retask so many times per second, which will improve performance.

Added new actor UTBRPathNode which a mapper can use to resolve pathing problems and build assault paths

Changed ball glow to use less framerate

Improved netplay communication for ball so that ball should jerk around a lot less

Added new TestPaths command

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